Join the Rally in Geneva
In Solidarity with Workers in Iran and to Demand the Release of May Day Detainees on Wednesday June 3
Join the Rally in front of the ILO Conference Centre

The annual assembly of the ILO will take place between June 3 and 19, 2009, in Geneva. Like previous years, a delegation representing the Islamic Republic regime in Iran and representatives of regime-made organisations will participate in this assembly. Those who are responsible for repressing workers should not be allowed to join the ILO. The Islamic regime in Iran should be expelled from the ILO for oppressing workers and depriving them from all their rights.

To support the struggle of workers and to demand the release of the workers who were arrested on May 1, and the release of all imprisoned workers in Iran join this rally!

We call on all freedom loving people and worker organisations to take part in the rally.

Time: Wednesday, June 3, 2009, 12.00 hours
Place: Geneva, in front of the ILO Conference Centre

May Day Detainees should be Released Immediately and Unconditionally!
Free Imprisoned Workers, Free Political Prisoners!
Islamic Republic Out of the ILO!

Worker-communist Party of Iran-Organisation Abroad
May 9, 2009

Bahram Soroush: +44 785 233 83 34; Arash Mehdizadeh: +41 764 006 962; Shahnaz Morattab: +49 172 971 62 27
Yadi Kouhi: +33 636 339 054; Farshad Hosseini: +31 633 602 627

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