International Society for Human Rights (ISHR)
International Committee Against Execution (ICAE)

A new wave of executions has started in Iran. Only in the last few weeks 25 people have been hanged in various cities. Gruesome scenes from the hangings, which are taking place in public and are aimed at intimidating people, can be seen in papers and on the Internet. Iranian judicial authorities are talking about more executions to come. The threat is now hanging over many prisoners, including political prisoners. This savagery must be stopped.

The “International Society for Human Rights” and the “International Committee Against Execution” are calling for international protests, from 13 August, to stop this massacre in Iran.

Such scenes should not be allowed to be repeated. Let us remember the massacres in Iran in 1981-83 and in the summer of 1988 in which tens of thousands of political prisoners were shot and hanged and buried in mass graves. Unfortunately, the western governments and international media kept quiet and left the public in complete ignorance about what had happened.

Join us to stop this killing machine of the Islamic Republic of Iran! Don’t let planned and deliberate state murder take people’s lives. Don’t let fear take over society and families be left in sorrow! Don’t let children’s world be shattered by grief! Don’t let!

Take action in any way you can to stop the executions in Iran: by organising meetings, rallies and sit-ins; by writing protest letters and articles; through meetings with human rights organisations and commissions; by putting governments and international authorities under pressure; and in any other way that you can.

The atrocities of the Islamic Republic of Iran must be stopped. The death penalty and deliberate state murder must be abolished. We invite you and all those appalled by these atrocities of the Islamic Republic, all those sickened by these horrific hangings, to actively take part in this international campaign.

We will update you of the specific actions in various countries in further announcements.

Aug 2007
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