Neda, a young woman who was watching the protests in Tehran yesterday morning was shot dead by the regime’s baseeji militia. Yesterday, along with Neda, 30 others were killed and 300 wounded. There are reports that the security forces were arresting the wounded from their hospital beds.

Ali Khamanei is personally responsible for Neda’s death and the death of protestors.

Yesterday, the people’s solidarity was truly immense. They provided support, gave shelter and offered food to the protesters all day until late at night. Demonstrations took place, in many parts of Tehran, Shiraz, Rasht, Isfahan.

According to the WPI Press Office, Neda’s surname is Soltani; she is an employee of Radman Tour and Travel Agency.


  1. God gives us free will. It is up to us individually to decide how to use that free will. This is much more than the current leadership in Iran is willing to allow It's citizens. They vote for a new leader and even though he is elected those who have the power are unwilling to yield to the new regime. Perhaps they are afraid the people of Iran will judge them (the old hardliners) as harshly as they have judged others (including the murder of Neda).

  2. The cowardice of Iran's so called leaders, both political and religious is so blatant that it's people should have THEM executed for their shameless brutality. Ahmad Khatami should be the first to be executed since he and his cronies are mohareb because they allow innocent blood to be shed so they remain in power. They want to kill the off the opposition so they can continue to live their evil lives without any consequences. The world is watching. God is watching.

  3. ok this site maybe a trap , so i don't leave comment because everything is under control in Iran

    i am living in Tehran and i am young and i like to live more than neda.

  4. This is such an uncalled for death; she was in the prime of her life for heaven's sake. I send all the best wishes I can to her family, despite it being four days late.

    The whole situation in Iran has gotten out of hand.

  5. I am a grandmother in the UK, I abhor what is occurring in your country.
    This young woman will not be silenced, her cry will live on long since her death.
    God bless you.

  6. It is very difficult to post a reasonable comment at this moment.
    We are close by you.
    from Italy

  7. The people of America support the people of Iran.

    You will be free…just keep fighting.

    Do not let Neda die in vain. Her murderers must pay for this.

    I wish there was something I could do to help.

  8. I am astonished of what is happening in Iran. I have the enormous luck of living in a democracy and I wish that your brave cry for freedom will materialize in the success of your protest.
    I admire the courage and determination Iranian people are showing.

    e. (Italy)

  9. God Bless her. She will not be forgotten. That shot is being viewed around the world.

    The dictator in Iran should be ashamed of himself.

  10. Whoever shot this girl is a sick bastard, using the cover of his position to carry out this sick act. I feel terrible for her father, who is probably wracked with guilt. I hope the Iranian people are able to rise up and remove this tyrannical regime, that uses religion to manipulate it's masses. Man has free-will and there's no dogma or institution that will suppress it.

  11. I hope the baseeji militia will be smashed. Shame on the people who are part of this cruel organisation.

  12. She is one of your first true martyrs. She worked hard for each of you. Try not to let her down. She's at peace now. I am with you. Keep fighting. Hopefully Moussavi will not let you down. Remember his wife is appearing to be the strong one in the family. In America we have an old aphorism–Behind every strong man there is a strong woman. The best examples of that were Lincoln, Kennedy and Obama. Good luck and Salaam!!! abuelita

  13. Maryam, can you please share any source information you have to confirm Neda's surname and place of employment? When I google Rademan Airways I find no match. Other sites and TV broadcasts say her name is not important, but, of course, it is. The world should surely know who she is and was. So far all newscasts say they cannot confirm her name.

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