2013525192458643734_20 In response to a public announcement by subway officials for people to “act in accordance with moral rules” after security cameras spotted a couple kissing, 100 protesters converged on an Ankara subway station and kissed!

The kissing protesters also chanted and held signs saying “Free Kisses”.

Now that’s how to do things!

It echoes the fine words of Amina Tyler: “Fuck your Morals”.






  1. While Turkey does have a good secular tradition, one thing to admire Mustafa Kemal for doing, they have not quite gotten the whole free speech/expression thing quite right. In the touristic areas, PDAs are fine, but my wife (from rural Turkey) gave me the look when it wasn’t appropriate. Also, don’t make fun of Kemal A.K.A. Ataturk, “The Great Deified Leader” unless you want to go to jail. It’s sort of weird, because my impression is that they have a much more active political citizenry and diverse party set in Turkey compared to the lazy ass lesser of two evils binary crap in the USA.

  2. It should be the rule to kiss as soon as you enter the station..It would be far more peaceful all around! Enough, enough of the terrorism of Organized religion..All humans are the same, it is just religion that separates them. Organized religion is never INCLUSIVE and yet humans are humans…

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