Islamist thugs came to intimidate a meeting at which Irshad Manji was speaking. Manji considers herself a Muslim reformist; she’s not even an apostate. Or maybe, in the world according to them, she is.

This is exactly what I mean when I say we are living under an Islamic inquisition. When religion is in political power, there is no personal religion; you can’t pick and choose and decide to reform things. You have to do as they say. Full stop.

A personal religion can only be possible when Islam has been pushed out of the public square and into a corner.

If we don’t get rid of the Islamists, no one will be able to live as they choose, including Muslims themselves.

By the way, in the video below, the Islamist herds keep shouting:
لا إله إلا الله
lā ʾilāha ʾillallāh
There is no god but god

I much prefer
lā ʾilāha
لا إله
There is no god…

Here’s the video:

(Video via Iain Simpson on Facebook)



  1. “La Ilaha” is the first component of a sentence which Muslims call,”Kalima”.

    This part of the sentence commands not to add supernatural properties of God with any thing,place,person or act.But in practice Muslims have introduced so many beliefs which violate this command.
    This kind of idolatry has diffused in the lives of Muslims.The un-creation of extremism will come from the true understanding of,”La Ilaha”.

  2. As an update, it is thought these people interrupting this meeting were with Sharia4Belgium. Last week police found a Kalashnikov at the home of a Sharia4Belgium member.

  3. It will be a long fight and there will be many casualties, but in the end secularism will win. The tighter the authoritarian religious fist tries to grip, the more people will slip through their fingers. I salute the courage of those who are fighting this war for human freedom. I am not at all sure I would have that courage.

  4. Ha! I always say the first two words of the shahadah are the only words the islamists (and the rest of muslims) have gotten right.

    By the way, the video was made in my hometown, Amsterdam. When I saw it, I decided to refer to this kind of thugs by the word testosteroslims, ‘moslim’ being the Dutch for ‘muslim’.

    1. Excellent terminology – in more ways than one. Remember that the kalima says, “I bear witness…” to things which no one could possibly have witnessed. The words testimony, testify etc. come from the Roman method of asserting the truth of a statement by holding the said organ. The kalima is their absurd testimony, so testoslims would be a pretty accurate epithet.

      The last line of my secular version of the adhan is:

      لا خير أو غرض في دين

      There is no good or purpose in religion.

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