On Monday, after 11 years in prison, Makrameh Ebrahimi, 43, who was sentenced to death by stoning was released from prison along with her 4 year old son Ali as a result of local and international outrage.

Whilst she and her son will be able to celebrate the Nowrooz with their family tomorrow, they will sorely miss Jafar Kiyani, her partner and Ali’s father, who has already been stoned to death in July 2007.

Congratulations to all those who campaigned on her behalf.

We must, however, keep the pressure on to stop stoning and the death penalty altogether in Iran and elsewhere.

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  1. stonning to death is inhuman and irrational stupid thing.How the international society is dumb on these inhuman nad mad things.Amnesty International nad world organisationa should take preesure on iran nad islamic countris to stop such obsolete and worse than animalistic punishments

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