To all Trade Union and Labour Organisations

As you are aware, on May 1st this year workers in Iran held many protest meetings and demonstrations in a number of cities to mark International Workers’ Day.

Unfortunately one of these gatherings in the city of Sanandaj which had 300 workers protesting in front of the Office of Labour Ministry was attacked by the security forces of the Islamic regime and the participants were subject to severe physical assault and beatings. Around 20 of the protesters were arrested. Later, on the same day, some were released with no explanation of charges. The following day on Wednesday 2 May, the Islamic regime’s police and security forces raided the home of and arrested Tabib Chatani, a well known and respected labour activist. On the same day, Mr. Amani and Mrs Karimi who were attempting to submit a complaint to the public prosecutor’s office regarding the treatment of the demonstrators were arrested there and then. The following day another labour activist and organiser, Mr. Khaled Savari was arrested in the Sanandaj city centre. In the city of Kermanshah, the security forces attempted to arrest Javanmeer Moradi and Faramarz Ghorbani, two labour activists, but the protesters prevented their arrest and helped them escape.

This brings the number of arrested labour activists and organisers for celebrating May 1st to 13. The following is the list of those arrested in the last few days and who remain in prison:

Mr. Amani, leader of the unemployed and dismissed workers of Iran
Sadeeg Karimi: executive member of the unemployed and dismissed workers of Iran
Khaled Savari, Deputy head of the unemployed and dismissed workers of Iran
Egbal Latifee
Yadolah Moradi
Najmoldeen Rajabi
Faroogh Gavili
Anwar Mafakheri
Sadeegh Amjadi
Habeebolah Kalkani
Maheealdeen Rajabi
Sadeeg Sobhani
Tabeeb Chatani

These arrests are taking place while Mahmood Salehi, a labour activist from the city of Saqez is still in prison. The International Labour Solidarity of the Worker-communist Party of Iran strongly condemns these assaults and detention on the labour activists and campaigns for the release of the imprisoned workers.

We call on all labour organisations and trade unions all over the world to back our campaign and demands and write to the Islamic regime to immediately release the imprisoned workers.

Celebration of May 1st is the workers’ basic right.
Long Live International Solidarity!

May 3, 2007
International Labour Solidarity of the Worker-communist Party of Iran

Head office:
Co-ordinator: Shahla Daneshfar
Public Relations: Bahram Soroush
Publicity: Hasan Salehi


  1. Hello Maryam,I will ask our Branch of Unison to draft a letter when we meet next week.Kind regards and best wishes to you and good luck to you and your colleagues and friends in Iran.Bob

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