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In case you haven’t heard, Mehdi Kazemi is a gay Iranian national who studied abroad in the UK. Previously, while he was at his home in Iran, he and another boy began having a relationship. They kept in contact while Mehdi studied abroad in the UK. However, Mehdi’s boyfriend was caught with another man by the Iranian government.

Homosexuality is a capital offense in Iran. This is the same country that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said had no homosexuals. Mehdi’s boyfriend told the Iranian government Mehdi’s name under torture, and was then executed for being gay.The Iranian government is currently looking for Mehdi Kazemi, who’s student visa recently expired. He applied for asylum in the UK and was denied. He then fled, fearing for his life, to Germany and then the Netherlands. He applied for asylum there, but a European Union law called the Dublin Treaty prevents people from applying for asylum in more than one EU country.The United Kingdom has a history of deporting gay Iranian youths back to their home countries, where they are tortured and executed.

Defend Kazemi’s right to asylum. He, Pegah Emambakhsh, and all those facing deportation to Iran have to be granted refuge and protection.

No deportations to the Islamic regime of Iran!

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