Press Release No 38

On Saturday, 7 August, Fereshteh Halimi was released from Evin prison in Tehran. Ms Halimi is the wife of Sakine Ashtiani’s lawyer, Mohammad Mostafaei. She was arrested together with her brother by the Iranian authorities and held hostage as the authorities wanted Mr Mostafaei to turn himself in. Ms Halimi’s father had also been arrested. We congratulate Ms Halimi and her family on their release from prison. Ms Halimi’s brother and father had been released early last week.

According to our latest information Mr Mostafaei is now in Norway.

ICAS and ICAE want to thank the Norwegian government for its prompt intervention in the case and for giving refuge to Mr Mostafaei. These developments are positive steps in the case to save Sakine. We hope that we can continue to widen our campaign on an international level, that we can free Sakine soon and that we can push back the Islamic regime of Iran.

International Committee against Stoning (ICAS)
International Committee against Execution (ICAE)

8 August 2010

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