I just had my photo taken for the Nude Photo Revolutionaries Calendar today by the brilliant photographer Ben Hopper.

It was more difficult than I ever imagined on so many different levels…

More on this though when the calendar is launched.

If you are interested in submitting a photo in homage to Egyptian atheist Aliaa Magda Elmahdy (featured photo), please do it asap as time is running out. Here are details.



  1. I cannot express how much it grieves me that my daughter has also posed for this wicked, female degrading thing. None of you understand just what you are doing by putting yourselves ‘out there’. You are encouraging the denigration and degrading and violence against women. You are NOT ‘freeing’ anyone. I have friends of many shapes and sizes and none of them are ashamed of their body. We are just old enough and wise enough to know well enough to keep it private and between ourselves and our husbands. This is just appalling and nothing more than pornography.

  2. World women trafficking association proudly announces the greatest reward greater than Nobel Prize to madam Mariam namazie awarding the degree of

    “Queen Madam Pimp of all the pimps”

    For her endless effort promoting “vulnerable, teenaged ignorant girls” into nudity which surely leads their generations to prostitution, pornography and nudity by which their children and grand children becoming victim of “OUR greatest association of women trafficking association on earth”.

    We are grateful to madam Miriam namazie helping us to complicate government and other NGOs effort to control “women and girls trafficking” …

    We urge all other freethought elements to support Madam mariam namazie for her Devine duty to Atheist intellectuals of this world.

    We are eagerly looking forward to see little bigger balls and wider caves (please allow us to express our FREETHOUGHTS) of mariam namazie if she herself poses nude for the calendar instead of preying teenage girls becoming scapegoats for her service to the atheist society.

  3. I,m really like ur brave but ur act shocked the Egyptians 4 many reasons like relegion and tradetions but I believe in ur freedome and supporting ur wil… ur humanity will deserves to support …..u r not alone

    1. Just to clarify. The photo is of Aliaa Magda Elmahdy. We are doing a calendar to support her. Thanks for your support though. It means a lot to her and anyone who transgresses religious morality.

      1. I knew that wasn’t your picture because I know what you look like from your videos, and I’d rather see you anyhow. I find it really hard to write a comment about this without sounding creepy.

        So yeah, I’ll buy one whenever you guys finish it up. Seeing as how it’s a calendar and we’re a bit of the way into the year now, will it be for the next year, or what?

  4. Thumbs up to you for this. It can be scary, just sitting for a nude photo with just you and the photographer – even if the both of you are the same gender. To do it unclothed ramps up the pressure on the uninitiated. Add in a photographer who is of the opposite gender, and you must have been ready to freak.

    I was lucky the first time I had my photo taken in the buff. I was something like a couple of weeks old at the time.

    But it’s just a body – yours, granted, and precious to you and to any person who loves you, but it’s not obscene – it’s natural, it’s normal. Obscenities are created by and exist in the mind of the beholder. Nothing in nature is obscene, ever.

    Just as my first nude photo was natural and not obscene, being that of a baby, so is that of Ms. Elmahdy at the top of this blog entry – natural, and not obscene.

  5. Maryam, in the OP you say “It was more difficult than I ever imagined on so many different levels…”. I for one would be interested in what you found the difficulties to be. Could this be a future topic for a blog post?

    1. The photo in this post is not of Maryam but of Aliaa Magda Elmahdy. I don’t think we can see Maryam’s photo until the Nude Photo Revolutionaries calendar is released.

  6. It’s very difficult trying to get a photographer. Everyone is scared of the pornography laws. Ben isn’t coming this way, is he? I really want to be in on this. I wouldn’t miss for anything.

  7. It’s very brave of all those who participated in this project, unfortunately, I do not posess that same bravado myself, so I’ll have to bow out of this one.

    Good luck with it though.

  8. Just wanted to add my voice to number of people congratulating you on this and thanking you (and all other participants) for their courage.

  9. I don’t think I could do it, but I saw his site. I love the picture of the monkey. 🙂 That monkey is a good model. Anyway, I know it would be hard for me have my picture taken in the nude, but I don’t know, that unicorn mask might help some. lol

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