Sign says: ‘Women’s entry into work and society has caused youth unemployment, their inability to marry, and corruption in the Islamic society. I give my condolences to all Muslims in Iran and the Mahdi*.’ [*The Mahdi is the hidden imam who just won’t come out of hiding until it’s the ‘End of Days’.

It’s said he went into ‘occultation’ and his return will be preceded by chaos, war and bloodshed. But (of course) when he comes there will be an era of universal peace. It is similar to the Christian vision of the apocalypse. In fact – oh happy days – the hidden imam guy is expected to return in the company of Jesus..

Not to worry, then, he’ll sort us out when he comes.

Thanks again to Keyvan Javid for sending this in to me.



  1. The problem with this sort of standard issue fundamentalism and misogyny is that it is, once you get the outline, entirely predictable and boring.

    The point of fundamentalism is to define your tenets in a few simple phrases that never change, never adapt, and because of this, never really work. Fundamentalist views on any particular event are entirely predictable because they break down to the same simplistic phrases and attitudes over, and over again. It’s boring. Their willingness to plumb the depths of inhumanity and cruelty are their only remarkable features.

    He could get the same basic message across dancing in a hoop skirt … and, at the very least … it wouldn’t be boring and entirely forgettable. I think that it would have worked better if he had pulled out a boom-box and had done a dance number to the swelling violins of an orchestral version of Disney’s ‘Some Day My Prince Will Come’ while wearing a Snow White costume, complete with hoop skirt, jeweled tiara, and high-heels.

    Of course, for best effect you need at least three guys in hoop skirts, some basic choreography, and a some ability to dance. You just know there is at least one guy in their circle who could properly coordinate a show tune. Always is.

    If you are going to be a fundamentalist misogynist you might as well be a fabulous fundamentalist misogynist. Go big or go home.

  2. Sorry Maryam, it is not “occlusion”, it is “occultation”. I cannot believe that at one point I actually believed that.

  3. What is it with Abrahamic religions and the end of it all? Jees, and folks wonder why I call ’em all “death worship” cults.

    And what wonderful non-thinking assertions he makes. Economy and population growth aren’t nearly as attractive as horrifying causes of strife as is them evil wimmins! Wimmins is the downfall of society! (Never you mind that societies that give full reproductive and career choice to women statistically do better. That’s no fun at all.)

    Meh. Religion is a disease with many guises.

  4. Oh come now! Everyone knows that the Mahdi will bring job creation, lower taxes and cheaper fuel! He will stop the banking crisis, provide unlimited energy and solve pollution. And he will make everyone baklava.

    Why can’t you just believe! Don’t you want free baklava?

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