Student, atheist and blogger, Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, 20, posted naked pictures of herself on her blog to show her “screams against a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy”. Showing her body particularly at a time when Islamists in Egypt are trying to secure power is the ultimate act of rebellion. Don’t forget Islamists despise nothing more than a woman’s body. In case you didn’t know, women are the source of corruption and chaos and must be covered up at all times and not seen and not heard.

The Islamists in Egypt, for example, have replaced the photos of their female candidates with flowers and covered up a statue of mermaids in Alexandria. They have refused to appear face-to-face with female TV hosts, unless the presenter put on a headscarf or a barrier was placed between the two! Soon there will be nappies on donkeys and birds will have to stop singing but that must wait until they have put women in their places.

But we mustn’t let them.

Elmahdy’s blogger boyfriend Kareem Amer (who by the way spent four years in jail for calling Mubarak a symbol of tyranny) posted on Facebook: “I think we should not be afraid of those in power or Islamists, as much as we should be worried of politicians claiming to be liberal. They are ready to sacrifice us to avoid tarnishing their image.”

Hear, hear!

Now do you really need any more reasons for defending Aliaa Magda Elmahdy unconditionally?

Do it now.


Tweet with hashtag #NudePhotoRevolutionary, support her Facebook page, and blog. If you haven’t done so, you should sign the Manifesto for a Free and Secular Middle East and North Africa. Secularism, the separation of religion from the state, is a precondition for minimum freedoms and rights for all.



  1. hi ! i’ve just seen this photo and i’m really surprised with these comments 🙂 this is really ugly and i don’t find any pleasure when i look at it …God create us ,our bodies to show parts of them and to hide others ,,,this was the human behavior since centuries before any religion ….the first man on earth hid his sexual organs because he felt that he had to …Now,after centuries , we become worse than him ,,,it’s not about religion it’s about being human not Animal …:S

    1. You’re not supposed to find any pleasure looking at it! Read the message not your prejudice.

      And when you say “….the first man on earth hid his sexual organs because he felt that he had to …” HOW do you know this? WHERE has that information come from?
      You need to realise that if you are being indoctrinated with false information then you are going to be incorrectly biased. There is nothing wrong with nudity we have evolved to enjoy the look of each others bodies but the woman here is making a point and it is well expressed via the medium of photography and the pose. (Hint: it’s all about repression)

  2. “Islam does not see women as a source of chaos at all they see them as the seed that all good springs from and it is said in our Holly Quran that women are greatly thought of and respected”

    Precisely! It is true that Muhammad was a man who respected women, and the Holy Qur’an is a message of dignity and equality for women. It is a message which condemned pre-Islamic practices which according to historians enslaved and degraded women…
    The problem is not with Islam or the Qur’an, but with Muslim zealots. Islam’s message as far as women are concerned began to be deviated very early, and a restoration of previous practices was established, including punishments such as stoning or mutilations, which are not included in Qur’an and even banned…
    Historically we could examine why, and how it has nothing to do with Islam and religion, but with power struggles, and clan domination.
    So faith and history should be disentangled. And the sharia (whose major basis is the hadith-s, even if amazingly dubious in terms of paternity, and even many of them rejected by scholars and ulema) should not be claimed as divinely-inspired as it is claimed mostly by the clergy and Fundamentalists, but as man-made according to the needs of the balance of power throughout different ages. There are many assumptions which are claimed to be compulsory by religion, including the Hijab, which are not strictly speaking Quranic .
    What now on this very historical period we are watching is the rise of a most intolerant sect such as Wahhabism, originated in rigorist Hanbalism, and its global triumph thanks to the Saudi oil dollars and the imperialist interest, which has found it as a valuable ally to keep Muslim societies backward and oppressed, not by temporary dictators, but by inquisitorial religion. The last demonstration of this trend has been staged in Libya, where a more modern and Quranic version such as Gaddafi’s has been destroyed so far by the alliance of a predatory imperialism and the Qatari-armed and -financed Al Qaeda bigotry.
    Now a variety of Islamist rigorism is seizing power in Muslim countries, either through money and elections or by the force of arms , with US/NATO and Saudi/Qatari support. And the first thing Islamism brings is sharia and subjection of women, i.e., the imposition of an Islamist ideology which has long ignored what the Qur’an says over women and earthly law.

    1. I see your point and i respect it but not totally agree because a big part of religion depends on faith and i have faith in my prophet and the sharia and his hadith-s not all of them are precise due to the element of time and handling between ages but most of them are true not that i have proof i just have faith and common sense since Islam isn’t only a Religion its a way of living so most of what it states will come naturally to a well sane normal person and the Hijab it has a lot of talk around it but from my point of view and what i heard and learnt from the Quran i see that its a must ( and by must i don’t mean it should be forced on people no not at all it will come naturally to a muslim girl when she wants to or feels like ) and in Egypt no one is forced to wear any hijab of any kind for your information.we went away from the point am not here to defend Islam because i don’t have too am just trying to make people see that ALIA is not a victim of a harsh religion or a non modern country and the point she’s making against sexism and racism or whatever should not be made this way nudity is frowned upon in many countries and religions. Also am telling u i live in egypt i am not treated badly nor am i deprived of my rights i live my life to the fullest am not a second class citizen i am wearing the hijab because i want to while my sister isn’t because she doesn’t want to now and nobody is stoning her or anything 😀 our country has many problems i do agree that’s whhy we are calling for our freedom form a dictatorial leader not freedom from our culture and sense of dignity and religion. Thank u for replying respectfully i appreciate that:)

      1. Thank you for the information. I wasn’t referring to religion in Egypt, I know Egypt and I’m aware of the present religious situation, which I respect and find far more advanced than, say, in the Gulf states. As of late I feel a bit anxious about what is going to come about, as in the Muslim world, as I said, there is a rise of intolerance, which doesn’t reflect either Islam or the majority of Muslims, but tarnishes the perception of Islam elsewhere. And that is a shame. Egypt has always been, even under authoritarian regimes, a lively place where culture, literature, and criticism has flourished. And also theological debate, even if some times there have been nasty actions or decisions, but that happens everywhere, perfection doesn’t exist.

        On the other hand you are right of how artists’ protests when shocking are more often than not incomprehensible for many (good) people. I could tell you of scandals in Poland or Belgium as related to nudity and religion… What I found wrong here were some extremist reactions such as “kill her” and the like. That should be avoided. She might be wrong or not, her action might be wrong or not, but such threats are unacceptable. And then as I said, it isn’t performed in a sacred place, and she declares herself as an “atheist”, so why should she be connected to religion? Just because she is an Egyptian? If she were German, there would be no scandal. So if she in her free will wants to perform a shocking action, she shouldn’t be judged by religious standards, since she isn’t involved with it…

        As for the rest you say, there is nothing I can reproach, everyone lives his/her religion as they find fit, and if the authorities protect this, and society leaves alone individuals, the country in question deserves to be praised. I strongly disapproved for instance of those notorious Danish cartoons, because they were invading the sanctity of the believers’ religion, but this self-declared atheist girl posing nude on her FB Wall for her friends, why should she be religiously condemned? What does all of it to do with religion?
        She means to show her “screams against a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy”. She doesn’t speak of Islam or religion, but of “society” (and honour crimes happen in the Middle East also in Christian communities…). So perhaps the best should be to leave aside religious sensitivities and go to the social issue if any.

        1. the first part of your comment i totally agree with there is a raising intolerance which shouldn’t be accepted or at all encouraged and is a little bit frightening, that been said yes she shouldn’t be judged upon religious standards but she shouldn’t be turned into a hero either nor a victim, and also if shes taking praises about what she has done then she should be aware that shes going to get criticized too even if they are empty threats, no government authority said she would be prosecuted or condemned in any way, i don’t think it’s religion related she’s an “atheist” any way so she is not related to Islam in any way and we shouldn’t see it from that point of view. but from cultural point of view its just not accepted and unaccepted actions tend to attract alot of mmmm not trouble but nonacceptance from the majority of the society so a little outrage can be tolerated from the people if she chooses this path then its more then likely to occur.

  3. I am a woman who lives in Egypt i study communication engineering and i don’t feel AT ALL as a second class citizen nor have i been treated that way ever EVER i am a Muslim i have Christian friends whom i admire and love. Islam does not see women as a source of chaos at all they see them as the seed that all good springs from and it is said in our Holly Quran that women are greatly thought of and respected, for those who don’t know what they are talking about please try to be a little bit more respectful to the religion and culture. Egypt has a set of cultural binderies which every country has for example u cant in India insult a cow – say holly shit cow – because of one of the religions there, in america some Christians see pre marriage sex is forbidden her they see nudity unacceptable. in the end i say that Alia is only 20 shes a young girl so we cant all sue her or fight her some can also talk and advice but still she shouldn’t be seen of a victim because she isn’t. please try to see that i am a 21 year old girl like her living in the same country and again i have never felt unappreciated or objectified.

  4. If you stop reacting for a moment, read through my comment, and try to understand the underlying philosophy of what I say, here is something that can bake ur noodles:
    I have no problem with God or Allah being the supreme one and creator of the universe.
    But in his infinite wisdom he created Adam and Eve, and they were naked in Paradise. That doesn’t seem to have troubled God, Adam or Eve, any of the angels or any other being that inhabits Paradise.
    Everything seems to have been ticketyboo with nudity until the biting of the proverbial apple, after which all hell broke loose. There-on everyone started having an issue with the hereto non-sensational nudity.
    If NUDITY wasn’t a problem before what made it a problem now (after the apple scenario)?
    Well my thoughts are that it isn’t nudity that was the issue. Nudity seems to have been fine for a very long time in Paradise. But after the “eating of the apple” knowledge of good and evil became part and parcel of mankind, and he began making choices, and enacting the requisite action/s to bring those choices in to fruitation. At times the choices are made based on the good and pure and you call it holy, at times it is done on pure temptation and you call it evil, whereas earlier the default condition was strictly good and purity.
    No my friends, the problem is not with the NUDITY, be it Aliaa Elmahdy, a playboy bunny or anyone else. If it was, then God or Allah would have created Adam and Eve fully clothed, yes? The problem is the evil that is now within mankind. Each time a person goes berserk in the face of another’s nudity, he/she simply acknowledges that evil within, which all started when that “apple” was eaten?
    Generally no human goes berserk at the visibility of the genitalia of Elephants, monkeys or camels do they? (If they do then there are more problems than I seem to have acknowledged! ) The shapes and sizes may differ, but in principle the functionality of the animal genitalia is the same as that of the human. No one tries to put these animals in Hijab do they? And, in his infinite wisdom God did create the animals naked, and the humans as naked if not more so than the animals didn’t he?
    Nope! I think one shouldn’t try to forcefully put women in Hijab. That defeats the purpose. For what does it mean if a man doesn’t go berserk in the presence of a woman in Hijab, but that he will go berserk if the Hijab (and all other items of clothing) was to fall off that woman, and spontaneously make her NAKED?
    No, don’t worry about the man or woman, naked or otherwise,or the external environment, rather worry about your own internal defilements, and work towards doing something about it.

  5. My, every red-hot word, even “zionism”, got into this conversation somehow.

    But it’s just about feminism, about equal rights. My mother’s generation did similar things in the United States, like burning bras in the 60s. This Egyptian woman did not pose in a diamond necklace with long silk gloves. It’s just the female form, plain and simple. The point is, don’t be offended. Because there is no *offense* in womanhood.

  6. My apologies, to you Maryam, for not recognizing this as your contribution in my previous post. I had one of those “If its Friday, this must be Paris.” moments. This has provided me the opportunity to add your blog “Nothing is Sacred” to my favorites bar and I am aware of your valuable work for “One Law For All”.

    Thank you.

  7. Wager –
    It is true that arseholes are ubiquitous but you miss a very important point. Religions, uniquely, claim a supreme authority granted by a deity and this provides validation and encouragement for its arseholes. This is the problem with all ideologies, particularly those which have achieved political power but religion is the uber-ideology in that it takes its authority not from some social or economic rationale, such as the Marxists do, but from an imaginary, nonexistent entity that cannot be challenged or called to account. Its ‘holy’ texts cannot be questioned because they are ‘divinely’ given so if the texts say “slay the unbeliever”, murder becomes a religiously approved act. Religion produces this kind of absurdity because religion is irrational and, like it or not, all religions are alike in this respect – they claim ‘divine’ knowledge and an authority that is beyond challenge by mere mortals – we must accept their precepts on faith. I do not; I do not bow to superstition. I can do this in relative safety because, others before me, like Aliaa, have bravely exposed the fallacy of blind and unreasonable faith.

    Thank you, Aliaa, for this opportunity to honor them by applauding your courage. And thank you, Ophelia. You are a valuable resource for unbelievers everywhere.

  8. sorry there are some mistakes in the writing i edit it here,
    i think it is very childish and shameful act to blame our problems and defects on others “like jews, zoinism or whatever” istead we should face up to our problems and start dealing with it, like men do! , it’s a fact that egyption sociaty has a discriminatory attitude towerd women and minorities and anyone who denies this fact is either hypocrate or rather ignorant and unless we start reaizing these problems and adabting new stratigies to solve them the problems will get bigger and bigger , Aliaa by all measures is the reaction and not the problem it self , plus ,the girl is too young to be tried or sued “although i dont believe that she should be sued, for what antway ,let there be some mercy and some sence of chivalry” for the girl is still 20 years old , note that she neather harmed anyone nor commited a crime nor that she meant to appear naked ,but its due to the discriminatory attitudes against women , treating them as second class citizen in other words “treating them like domisticated animals” that she wanted to express something through a massege which just happened to be against the core beliefs and values of the sociaty that she happened to live in. and i think we should stop get emotional so long as we used to,and start rationalising the matters a bit start thinking and analizing problems objectively “using bairns” as far as i can see the taboos has produced nothing but sexual frustration and repression not to mention ofcourse the scientific stagnation and backwardness in almost every walks of life “is due to the intellectual taboos as well” and i dont mean to live in an ongoing state of orgy , but really we need to stard thinking a bit more rationally about our problems however i am worried about her should anybody tries to cause her harm or something ,Aliaa be safe and continue your struggle against the islamists who will destroy our cauntry should any of them reaches power.

  9. i think it is very childish and shameful act to blame our problems and defects on others “like jews, zoinism or whatever” istead we should face up to out problems and start dealing with it, like men do! , it’s a fact the egyption sociaty has a discriminatory attitude towerd women and minorities and anybody who denies this fact is either hypocrate or rather ignorant and unless we start reaizing these problems and adabting new stratigies to solve them the problems will get bigger and bigger , Aliaa is by all measures the reaction and not the problem it self , plus , note that the girl is too young to be tried or sued “let there be some mercy and some sence of chivalry” for she still 20 years old , note that she neather harmed anyone nor commited a crime nor that she meant to appear naked ,but its due to the discrimination against women , treating them as second class citizen that she wanted to express something through a massege which just happened to be against the core beliefs and values of the sociaty that she happened to live in. and i think we should stop get emotional so long as we used to,and start rationalising the matters a bit start thinking and analizing problems objectively “using bairns” as far as i can see the taboos has produced nothing but sexual frustration and repression not to mention ofcourse the scientific stagnation and backwardness in almost every walks of life “is due to the intellectual taboos as well” and i dont meanti live in an ongoing state of orgy , but really we need to stard thinking a bit more rationally about our problems.

  10. Let GOD be the final arbitrator of her fate. Not any of those who CLAIM to speak / act for God. I believe that, like Adam & Eve, we are here being tested by God. He allowed our first parents THEIR free will. How can we do less. What right have we to do less. Too many “religions” have fomented hate, suffering and destruction. There is enough happening naturally. God does not need any help.

    1. That’s a nice sentiment, but there are too many mortal cockroaches claiming to be the hands and conscience of God. How do we deal with that unfortunate fact?


    I can see the reasoning behind Aliaa’s calculations…. Perhaps there is a way to show to the world the unjust nature of a society’s rules… without putting oneself at risk. But there is a “John Corlette” moment of education here…


    Let me explain…

    John Corlette founded a school in Switzerland in 1949 and by 1960 there were nearly 200 students in the school. Corlette had a philosophy of education that tended to be focused on the individual, with a balanced approach of respecting others. The school’s guidelines for behavior included “Don’t make noises to attract attention to yourself” because such actions did not respect the need of others for a quiet learning environment.

    Corlette noticed that students were using the “F word” a lot, as in “This soup is f—ing awful!”

    So it was surprising that Corlette started a morning meeting (the school had a “thought for the day” exercise where the whole school thought about something) with a flurry of obscene words, which had never been heard in public assembly at the school… and the shock that went through the school apparently changed the culture of the school. I started attending five years after the f—-ing incident and there was considerably LESS swearing than in other schools that I attended.

    (Thanks to S.E.. for this story… since he heard Corlette give the morning meditation about the power of removing the novelty of using the F word)

    Corlette was trying to remove the novelty of swearing by doing it himself in public… and that led to a reduced interest in swearing.

    So I can see Aliaa’s logic… from the point of trying to show that the rules that she finds oppressive are not really necessary…
    She has shown herself without clothes and == look! == there are not riots in the streets. Life goes on. The sun comes up, the pyramids are still in place, Allah has not struck down civilization… there’s really nothing bad that happened…



    In any restricted society, there is a moment that captures the “I’ve had ENOUGH” feelings of oppressed people. Rosa Parks on the bus, burning bras, burning draft cards, even the writing of a book like The Feminine Mystique or other confessionals where thoughts that “are not supposed to be expressed” are shared.

    The incident about depicting the prophet in a cartoon.

    The killing of Theo van Gogh, the Dutch filmmaker

    The Muslim woman who got elected to Dutch parliament

    These are examples of incidents that stick in the mind…

    What makes Aliaa’s act an interesting and thought-provoking push against “the system”? We will never forget this moment. Look at Chip and Dan Heath’s STICK videos on Youtube (search “Dan Heath Change” and click on the FAST COMPANY youtube channel) and you’ll see why certain presentations stick and others don’t). Aliaa knows how to make an impression…

    I’m not sure that I would put my family at risk or myself in such danger. She has the support of her boyfriend, which probably puts him in danger, too.

    I suppose this is a long way of saying that “I admire your commitment to your vision of a more just society. I admire your impulse. I fear for your life. You have a sense of justice that is worth copying. I just don’t have what it takes to be so direct. ”

    I also want to say, “I hope you have obtained some path to security… but like Salmon Rushdie, you will never have a normal life.”

    Perhaps this was the difference between Booker T. Washington’s evolutionary path toward equality and the more direct-action method that led to March on Washington in 1963.

    In the USA, often the person who wins a right for a group of people does not benefit much from the situation. It costs a lot of money to take a case to the U.S. Supreme Court, and it is usually people who follow the pioneer who benefit. My wife was paid 1/3 less than her coworkers in the 1970s but now pay is more equal in many professions. She didn’t benefit from the agitation that she joined in, but the current generation of female workers has a higher level of income that they don’t have to fight for.

    I don’t expect Aliaa will benefit from the relaxation of restrictions in Egyptian society… but perhaps her friends eventually will.

    It is probably not a good idea to post comments on a public free thought blog because it might jeopardize my future as a computer programmer ….. and my wife is not going to be happy that I tracked down Aliaa’s photo (men are dogs — woof) … but it was probably not popular to stand with Rosa Parks and not popular to support other people who defied rules that they thought were unjust.


    I’m writing to my member of Congress to suggest that (out of humanity) some sort of protective custody might be arranged for Aliaa and her family. At least the offer ought to be made to her. I suppose there are going to be attempts to kill her, so let’s think ahead and help her.

    Even if she is killed, her action will show that society did not fall apart. She posed nude and life went on.

    I remember in the 1970s that there was an assumption that “oh, she got sexually assaulted because she wore that sexy dress.” There were comments like “when she says no, she really means yes” regarding sex after dinner and a movie. Some of my feminist friends suggested that a woman should be able to walk naked down the street without fearing someone touching her.

    I’ve had feelings of attraction toward women who wear low-cut blouses and short skirts… “she’s asking for it when she dresses that way” is a natural thought — it’s just biological, I suppose.
    As much as I admire people who believe that a civilized society might tolerate a wide spectrum of dress codes, I would also tell my daughter “no” if she went to a nightclub wearing just a bikini… “you’re inviting trouble” would be my admonition.

    So I can see the rationale for rules about keeping modest clothing on both men and women … I also see Aliaa’s point that “Hey, let me decide how much clothing to wear.” Thank you for sitting in a different part of the bus, Aliaa. You are making your life complicated, the way Rosa Parks did for her life, but I will remember your act of defiance.


  12. This woman’s courage is stunning, though I share the same concern of what will be done to this “whore”.
    It is truly amazing how she can ruin so many homes and destroy so much noble sacred morality while being an immobile photograph. She even forces her victims to look at the photo – that mind control of hers is truly powerful.
    Just a pity that she can’t use that same mind-control to remove the brainwashing from those who would despise her.

    Good on you Elmahdy, best wishes for you and for sanity in your land.

  13. If “God” wanted us to hide our bodies, he shouldn’t have created us naked. I wish this girl and the entire country the best of luck.

  14. What really gets me is… say there is a God. One being so wise and powerful that it could create the universe. It could create all life and all the complicated systems that make life possible. Yet this same creator would find the human body dirty? Really really think about it and it does not make any sense at all.

  15. What really spins fundi wheels is that women have breasts, and vaginas, and hips, and hair and, curves, and …

    But no matter how much you cover, obscure, make those naughty bits harder to see, or get to, the more the males want to see and touch them. Fleeing from sexual temptation ends up with ‘holy’ men popping wood over the way a burqua drapes over a hip. Over the mere thought of a female body.

    Which leads to shame over their own inability to really suppress their own sexuality. Which gets twisted into the resentment and blame of of women.

    Men need to accept that they are sexual beings, even the ones making a go at ‘spirituality’. Get over it. Accept your own desires. Don’t blame women for your desires. Or your inability to control your own mind and stop thinking about women.

  16. If I ever have daughters, I’ll be naming them either Aliaa or Magda. What an example she is to the world!

  17. Nice to see all the make believe liberals and champions of human rights attack a young woman for putting her personal safety on the line for freedom of expression.

    No wait, not nice. Disgusting. Yeah that’s the word. It’s disgusting.


    Aliaa Elmahdy, this was a very brave thing to do. I hope others follow you and your boyfriend’s example.

    1. Note, the censor bars aren’t original; the three panel piece posted here was made by another artist as a commentary.

  18. Jewish anti-christ ? Jews don’t even believe in Jesus christ, they are still waiting for their messiah. At the very least learn something about the religions you try to slander.

  19. Once upon a time, Egypt was a center of learning and culture.
    Then the monotheists came. First it was the Christians, with their Popes and cardinals and Inquisitions. Then it was the Muslims with their Jihad and Sharia and even more insane taboos.
    What next ? Someone was telling me the other day that the “Muslim Fundamentalists” (sic) only sway about 15% of the people.
    I sincerely hope that to be true, and that the good people of Egypt can be strong in their conviction to not install an oppressive regime to replace the previously oppressive regime.

  20. I just can’t comprehend how some photos of a beautiful nude woman can upset people so much. I hate religion.

    1. Hello. Please may I refer you to my post above re. arseholes? To sum up, don’t hate religion, politics, science or any other club into which people enroll to facilitate their perspective on life: hate arseholes, who get everywhere, refuse to countenance the idea that they might be in the wrong ever and all share an eerily similar perspective on life that can be roughly boiled down to “Everybody has to do what I want, all the time, and if they don’t want what I want as much as I want it then they are a bad person”. The beat of the arsehole remains the same no matter what tune they insist on singing along to.

  21. Thanks for this; in fact, when I opened the local paper today, this related article reminded me of you and your welcome efforts.

    P.S. On a somewhat related note, regarding the deployment of the erotic and the feminine in the Middle East, my review of Joumana Haddad’s “I Killed Sheherezade” for PopMatters.

  22. From the NYT article on this story:
    Liberal activists raced to disavow any connection to her. After reports this week indicated that Ms. Elmahdy was a member of the April 6th Youth Movement — a major player in the January revolt that unseated Mr. Mubarak — its spokesman, Tarek al-Kholi, told the pan-Arab news channel Al Arabiya that “the movement does not have any members who engage in such behavior.”

    “We are conservative youths, and we always encourage our members to be role models as far as ethics are concerned,” even barring atheists, Mr. Kholi said. “How can we have accepted the membership of a girl who behaves like this?” (Ms. Elmahdy confirmed in a Twitter posting that she did not belong to the group.)

    I like the “even barring atheists” part. No nudes, No atheists.

    1. The Vatican has a lot of money too and they like gold thrones for the pope over giving that money to the poor. The difference is porn stars didn’t swear to a magic invisible God that they would live by his word. Also you are a dumb ass.

  23. There are a lot of similarities between the past culture of idolater Ishmaelites based on spiritual ignorance with its nude pilgrimages- a spiritual inversion and sacralization of unholiness, and the ignorance of neo-pagan modern culture with Judaeo-Christian roots with all the hallmarks of Jewish Antichrist.The universalization of anti-sacredness and parallel resurgence of sacredness is inevitable and was predicted in the Islamic sacred text centuries ago. Of course, many choosing the anti-sacred side of history is very convenient choice devoid of internal struggle and is understandable.May Allah enlighten our hearts with the sacred illumination which our names represent before we die, because death is the culmination of spiritual progress or regress for that matter in the sight of God. Practising Muslims will continue on the path of spiritual and intellectual struggle for cultural,spiritual and political de-colonization and de-secularization inspite of the crypto-Zionist, unconsciously-Zionist, and public-Zionist maligning myths.

    1. Crypto-Zionist? I didn’t know bigfoot and the chupakabra had made their position toward Israel known, you live and learn.

    2. What the hell does an Egyptian woman making a statement about Islamic misogyny have to do with Zionism? I know I’m not going to get a sensible answer but I’m extending an open invitation for Muhammad Elijah to come deal with the real world.

      1. Didn’t you know? Everything bad in the world ever is and was caused by either Jews, women or gay men! It’s not that Mohammed ever said so or anything, but that’s the echo that keeps bouncing off the insides of my diseased skull and other people who are worried about their willies agree with me, so I’m going with it!
        (/sarcastic derision)

    3. Nothing is “sacred”, an simply calling all sorts of things sacred and everyone who disagrees “zionist” while posing as a dead Nation of Islam backman does not Make It So.

      And don’t pull the “you’re all colonists” meme, it’s getting tired.

    4. You don’t have the faintest idea of what you’re on about. Dressing your gibberish in pseudo-intellectual verbiage will not make you have a more cogent point.

      You can proclaim your beliefs “sacred” all you want – they are still rubbish. I guess that’s the only way you can defend them, though, since they can’t stand up to rational inquiry. Pretty much describes all religion, including your inane belief system.

    5. sacralization of unholiness

      How funny. Only the religious would claim secularism as a religious choice. But “Holiness” is a meaningless and empty term, as is “unholiness”.

      The universalization of anti-sacredness and parallel resurgence of sacredness is inevitable and was predicted in the Islamic sacred text centuries ago.

      What a vacuous statement. All “sacred” books predict there will be unbelievers. Why else promote the “faith”? LOL. All you are saying is that the Qu’ran predicted unbelievers. Are we supposed to be impressed by this?

      Of course, many choosing the anti-sacred side of history is very convenient choice devoid of internal struggle and is understandable.

      The struggles of the scientific enlightenment, the empowerment of women and secularism are far more nobler than the blind and tyrannical religious shackles of Islam. Remove your shackles, friend.

      political de-colonization and de-secularization

      Behold the Islamist attempt to malign secularism and women’s rights as western cultural imperialism. Unfortunately, this argument gets a lot of currency for them

    6. Why would God the creator of an all inclusive universe, the most wise and powerful being. One that created the Earth and all the complex systems that make life possible…consider the human body (that God created) as something dirty? Really? Don’t religious people ever read their Holy Books and see that they contradict themselves all the time? Or is that what so called faith is? Shutting down the section of you’re brain that controls reason and logic? The brain is just like any part of the body, if you don’t use it it will go into atrophy. I think all of them are terribly deluded and the cause of so much war and strife. What is even more interesting is that the big three Islam, Jews, and Christians, all so similar and from the same source, Yet they are always fighting. So now I suppose this girl is subject to being murdered because she showed her body. Hate is a useless emotion and fear is the only sin.

      1. No, that isn’t what faith is. That is arseholes, and arseholes are not specific to any single affiliation (religious, political or philosophical) but inhabit them all and tend to bogart them for publicity, at the same time shouting that anybody who disagrees with them isn’t a proper [insert faith/politics/philosophy here]. This is, of course, complete bollocks.
        Most religious people, like most secularist people, are just human beings trying to get through the day like everybody else. We of the non-arsehole persuasion do try our best to counteract this dyed-in-the-wool arsehole effect, but newspapers don’t seem to be interested in stories like “Reasonable Christians/Muslims/Jews/Buddhists/Hare Krishnas do helpful things towards a more tolerant world” for some reason, possibly the same one that leads them to ignore stories along the lines of “Left-wing people take sensible measures to help others that may incidentally benefit the economy” or “Jobless and on benefits but it’s not actually their fault!”
        If it helps at all, I, as a human who believes in God, apologise without reserve for the presence of arseholes in my club.
        Any takers for apologising for the arseholes in the Don’t Believe in God club?
        (Dislaimer; in the unlikely event of Richard Dawkins reading this, the line above was a joke. Also, has it occurred to you that you might be an arsehole? {disclaimer to disclaimer; that was also a joke})

        1. I will, Wager, you cannot imagine how many loads of arsholes belong to the non believing club! And I think all of us, believers and non believers at some point in life, are sort of arshole! What is terrific is that many too many get subscribed and will never become reasonable people; even worse, that some of them will find their alibi to masacre the others on behalf of their self-righteousness. Just not to mention them, I’ll mention now two reptilian psychopaths in recent times: Clinton and Sarkozy…
          As for our friend here, I don’t know whether he find sacred the woman’s body or his religious exegesis… But I’m afraid he is a bit confused like Fundamentalists in general: he refuses to separate the profane from the sacred. There are things and phenomena we all may find “sacred”, and we should respect the other’s sacredness… But there are some other things and phenomena we should accept as profane, and leave them alone. Posing naked is by itself profane (and cool!). As long as the girl doesn’t pose like that in a sacred place like a mosque but in her place and on her own FB wall for the benefit of her friends , why should she be punished?

          Summing up, as long as many Muslims are unable to acknowledge this basic fact, they will never come out from their present plight of backwardness. And they will continue depending on the modern world, and perpetuating the obscurantism of their societies rejecting their freedom. And in the meantime, the dominant imperialists and Zionist powers will be happy about that. Just looked how they supported al Qaeda and sharia in Libya!

    7. My goodness, fellow! Why in the world are you people always blaming Jews for everything? i mean seriously, dude, a woman takes her clothes off and it’s my fault? Get a life and take responsibility for the bad things that you percieve and leave me and my people out of it.

      1. u r right , i’m egyptian muslim and i hate israel ( not the jewish people around the world ) and i think that u can not take the blame for taking her clothes off :))

    8. Just a thought……….Islam = Is+lam …= Eisa + Laham…=…..Eisa + Kalam……= Eisa speaks.
      We all know who was Eisa……….

  24. What is going on earth!!! everyone is speaking about Islamists in Egypt asif they are not a part of Egyptian Nation. All is speaking same words and also same phrase with ONLY one fear of application the REal ISLAM. What this whore did is not a voice against islam or a metaphore..This is a gainst any pure girl and above all against any decent norms in this life. There must be rules which must be respected..

    This ugly call of that girl is a call for adultery, corruption and sins. She is acting as a porn star who making porn movies to feed the poor..hahahah … ridiculous…

    Please stop defending this kind of people who is killing many decent homes on a daily basis.

    God saves Egypt and the Egyptian.

    1. I knew, when I saw this post had multiple exclamation points and caps-lock words, that it was going to be something mindless…

    2. “Please stop defending this kind of people who is killing many decent homes on a daily basis.” Oh really. How brainwashed can you get? Who’s doing the kicking and stomping? Naked girls? You wish.

    3. Your attitude is what the rest of the world calls “insane”. Yes, I know that’s mainstream Islam. That’s why the rest of the world has such a problem with the fundamentalist varieties that not only hold these kinds of beliefs, by actually adhere to what Islam says should be done about acts like this, which the rest of the world calls “free expression”.

    4. Ahmed, it is you and your hysterical friends who do the damage.

      I see you as a poor, small animal that has been bent and broken. You are so very frightened. Your plaintive squeals of anger and outrage are really cries for help, aren’t they?

      Poor little thing, when will you lay down your fears and take hold of the hands that want to welcome you into the family of all people? You could be whole and happy if you only would.

    5. I’ve asked, and I believe the rationale behind the cultural phenomenon of covering up the hair, faces and bodies of women is that seeing these things make men think impure thoughts and that this leads to sin. With this in mind, why is it that Islamist men have no self-control?
      I mean, in hundreds of cultures all over the world women go about the place without a hat on, and it does not result in the men that live there developing uncontrollable hate-erections that make them commit sin right there on the spot. I personally can attest to the fact that women have been allowed to go to Mass in a Catholic church with their hair uncovered for more than 40 years and whatever you think of Catholics, I promise that there has not been one single hatless-woman related riot and/or orgy in the aisle during a service in all that time. Even the mad American Christians who think you can pray the gay away don’t put their women in a bag to prevent them from tempting men, and they evidently believe that human thought is a sin.
      This doesn’t mean that men within these demographics don’t get funny feelings in their pants at the sight of a nice-looking girl who isn’t wearing a bag, or even that they don’t think funny feelings in their pants are sinful, because some of them do. They just don’t thrash or murder or imprison the woman in question. So why is it that men who live in Muslim theocracies think that this is the right thing to do? Because, Men Who Live In Muslim Theocracies, it’s not. It makes you all look like a bunch of grotesque man-children who can’t see a bit of side-boob without going off like a spoilt toddler in a gift shop. It is creepy and weird. Kindly grow up.

      1. I would add a preface to the “grow up”: You Wahhabi boys, tell your mothers to teach you some manners, and grow up.

    6. You are still living in the Middle Ages. As long as you and your friends refuse to face the challenge of the modern world, the Arabs and Muslims at large will never get out from underdevelopment and destitution, as imperialism actively supports your very reactionary representation of Islam.
      It is like we were living under the Inquisition with Autos da Fe and all! And don’t tell us that real Islam is to cut off limbs or chop off heads, flog and stone people to death or locking women at home or under walking black tents! Perhaps you should leave aside the sharia and all its aberrations and read the Holy Qur’an, a message of love and mercy. Islam doesn’t hate women, unfortunately many backwards and fanatic Muslims like you do!

    7. I present a challenge. You moderate Muslims who claim to be progressive in thought and moral in character, come forth and condemn the rantings of this misogynist pig who claims to represent your religion. I predict ostrich babies take flight first.

      Why are the moderates so quiet? Perhaps they do feel the same as Mr. Tahawy, in which case we are correct to have a fear of Islam. Or perhaps, they do not support Mr. Tahawy but they are so afraid of the nuts in the religion that they do not dare publicly speak against them; in which case we are still correct to have a fear of Islam. Or perhaps, my own fear is totally unjustified and scores of Muslim people will come forth and condemn this man who directed hate filled speech toward a naked artist.

    8. You call the girl a whore. Proof?
      You claim she is making pron. Proof?
      You call she is adulterous? Proof? 4 adult witnesses?

      No proof can you offer, so shut your trap. The way you speak is no way near condoned in islam. So when you don’t respect the rules of Islam on manners and etiquette, then you really are in no position to judge others, Ahmed. In fact go sit in a corner and feel ashamed. If you have shame that is.

    9. How can you defend things like this? I dont really know a whole lot about whats going on, but I know that anyone desperate enough to do this has to be living in some pretty extreme conditions. These pictures were her only chance to reach this hard cynical world with her message. And you belittling her means of doing it says more about you than her. So shut ur face u fascist

  25. Like Fort Nerd, I am concern for her safety. She is an incredibly brave young woman, and I too support her and her boyfriends cause (which should be the cause of any rational human being in Egypt and on the planet).

  26. Could you provide a link to her official Facebook page? There are many pages under her name and I suspect some are fakes. Thanks.

  27. I admire her courage, but seriously, can we somehow make sure she is provided with adequate safety measures? Like start a fund or something? I foresee that this is going to end badly…

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