1. All the better to be manipulative. Humans are a mixture. Add religion (or ideology) and you can sometimes have guiltless atrocities.

    From the point of view of a victim would it be better to be tortured by a kind person or well treated by a prick. In that circumstance I would go with the prick since I would be better off. To me I care little about the inner person, it is only their actions that matter.

  2. Seems a lot of sociopaths have a tender side.

    Beat your wife bloody and come back with candy and flowers and it all averages out. Set your feet on fire and rest your head on a block of dry-ice and you’re doing all right I suppose. A night of snuggle bunnies in front of the fire and whispered romantic poetry might forgive invading Poland and an unfortunate reflexive tendency to exterminate Jews and gypsies.

    Wow … this new math is fun.

  3. Khomeini’s defenders say such things about him frequently without ever denying or talking about death sentence against Salman Rushdie.

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