On Saturday, Moroccans came out to demand reform of the rape law  and express outrage after 16 year old Amina Filali killed herself following marriage with her rapist – allowing him to stay out of jail and “preserving family honour”.

She ingested rat poison after her “husband” had severely beaten her. When will this barbarity end?

And they still have the nerve to ask how it is possible to live a “moral” life without religion.

Fuck your honour and your morals.





  1. You too, Ophi m’ darlin’?

    I regret I have only the natural boy hairs to rip from my chin and lip and arms and legs when provocated such as this. Just tearing out short hairs to prove I do give a goddamn and am not one of those others, it doesn’t seem like enough. With no sarcasm, no ultierior motives but justice, I want to temporarily de-dick myself and just go on a rampage, swinging it this way and that at all these fucking assholes you have to put up with day in and day fucking out. Just chase them down the street, waving it above my head while taking every shot to kick them square in the pants, asking them if they want more.

    0% BS post, all honest, honto ne.

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