Clive writes: ‘I feel quite powerless to convince people of the real threat that Western civilisation is facing, so it makes me feel more hopeful when I learn of initiatives such as yours. If there is anything I can do, let me know. I am willing to send money if you are in need of it. Keep up the good work.’

Maryam Namazie responds: Thank you! Donations are always appreciated as we rely solely on support from the public to keep us going. Any initiative like ours that gives people hope is an initiative worthy of support.

I do want to add however that it is human and not Western civilisation that is being threatened.

Though this may not have been your intention, when I hear of Sharia law framed as an attack on Western civilisation it makes it seem to me as if it is only those living in the West who deserve rights and freedoms. Also saying it is an attack on Western civilisation denies political Islam’s assault on people’s lives outside the West – and long before September 11. Similarly, the Islamists frame any opposition to Sharia law as Western as if people choose to live under that which is imposed with brute force and indiscriminate violence.

The reality is that a vast majority of civilised humanity are refusing and resisting the political Islamic movement day in and day out because rights, freedoms and lives worthy of the 21st century are a demand and desire of people across the globe.

I think this is an important point if we are to make links with and show real solidarity with people at the forefront of this battle in places like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere.

I mean after all, who better to represent this human civilisation than the likes of 27 year old Neda Agha Soltan, killed on June 20 by the Islamic regime of Iran for demanding freedom?

* See more about Neda here and here.

* Join November 21 rally in London’s Hyde Park to oppose Sharia and religious laws and show solidarity with people languishing under and resisting it worldwide. For more information on the rally, go to One Law for All website.

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  1. [quote]
    So it is obvious then that we can’t build links with far-right groups that are antithetical to ours. Just as we can’t forge links with the Islamists [/quote]

    The EDL dosen't bomb innocent people on trains.To be honest I am getting slightly tired of intellectuals demonising the English working class.The way people go on you would think they were talking about a bunch of animals.Ironically it is the English working class that is putting its life on the line in Afghanistan to stop extremists trying to re-introduce Sharia law.The majority of sqaddies are like the guys you see in the EDL,like to drink and don't mind the odd fight but underneath they are decent guys who will step up to the line when duty calls.Of course the EDL has a few bad apples in its ranks but that holds true for any organisation that has thousands of members.But as an organisation it is not racist and it is not fascist.

    The Guardianistas hate the English working class and look down their noses at them so you will never get an objective view of the EDL from such people.The only way to understand them is to meet a few of them and listen to their concerns.There is a big difference between being a nationalist and being a fascist or a racist.Whilst I don't agree with everything they say I do respect them for getting out on the streets and making their voices heard.I am not too sure what the chants of "Engerland" are going to achieve but the EDL has little experience of organising political demonstrations and are just doing what they do best,football chants that give them some sense of brotherhood and belonging.Football in this country is very tribal and rival fans rarely mix so they unite in the only way they know and that is through the flag of England.Its got more to do with sport than fascism.The fact they aren't fighting each other is a sign that they are serious about what they are doing and have obviously put differences to one side.

    Right wing organisations in this country are Combat18,BFF,UBA,NF,and BNP.The Metropolitan police chief has clearly stated that the EDL is not a far right organisation.

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