3 January 2006

At 11:00 pm on Sunday 25 December the Islamic Republic’s security forces and Special Guards attacked the Faizabad residential district in Sanandaj, in the Kurdistan region of Iran, demolishing 150 houses. Old and young, without even being allowed to take their belongings with them, were dragged out of their homes into the cold winter’s night, and their houses razed to the ground. As daylight broke, the officials continued to destroy 20 more houses, before leaving the area in haste, fearing a fight-back. One woman and several children were injured and taken to hospital.

Since 27 December the residents of Faizabad district have been battling the authorities by gathering almost daily in front of Government offices in Sanandaj. On New Year’s Eve over 1,000 people took part in a demonstration, despite being encircled by the security forces, who were trying to stop other people from joining in. The protests have been widely and warmly supported by the people of Sanandaj. Meanwhile, officials of the regime have started to put the blame on each other. On 1 January the Mayor of Sanandaj appeared before a crowd of residents, claiming he had no idea who had ordered the demolitions! The people of Faizabad are demanding immediate re-housing and payment of damages.

The Islamic Republic regime has a violent record of atrocities against people in the 27 years of its rule. It has no commitment towards people’s lives or welfare; it recognises no rights for people. On the contrary, it unleashes its destructive forces upon them when they try to build shelters for themselves.

The people of Faizabad need your support. I urge you to condemn the Islamic Republic regime for its destruction of people’s homes and to demand Faizabad residents’ speedy re-housing and payment of damages to them.

Khalil Keyvan
Worker-communist Party of Iran

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