In a Church of England (COE) newspaper, leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance party Alan Craig uses a series of Nazi metaphors describing gay rights activists as the ‘gaystapo’ crushing people ‘under the pink jackboot’.

The COE paper is one of the oldest in the world, which may explain its medieval attitudes.

Seriously, though, how sorry do you feel for Christians? It can’t be easy being prevented from discriminating against gay people because, well err, it’s against the law.

Religion never changes. All are equal and equally bad.

It is society that changes, thanks in large part to those demanding rights and breaking taboos and no thanks to religions.



  1. The most perverse thing about this is that it comes from the Anglican Church, which is considered by most as moderate, and on the wane anyways. Even Dawkins has described it as “harmless”.
    But there is no such thing as harmless religion.

  2. That is one of the most interesting bios I have ever read. Which of course means I’m sheltered living here on an island, in a significantly non-diverse upper class I don’t belong to.

    I love the word “gaystapo!”

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