At the Queen Mary talk two nights ago, I had yet another Sharia apologist come up to me and ask whether I would be willing to debate the pro-Sharia lobby so that there can be a ‘fair’ hearing on the issues. Well I have always ‘debated’ with Islamists when possible (knowing full well that they would be more than happy to decapitate me if we were in their territory). Ironic when you think that this very talk was initially cancelled due to Islamist threats not long ago.

Seriously, don’t you lot ever tire of playing the victim?

Err the last time I looked, you all have political power – and implementing your despicable Sharia courts up and down the country and across the world.

And you want to talk about ‘fair’. Pulease! Sell it to someone else.



  1. I’ve lost all patience with all of the religions. I have no problem with any one practicing any religion no matter how daft with the following caveats: it is forced on no other person, no matter what their back ground, and it is kept from public policy formation. That pretty much eliminates sharia courts as having any validity. They should not be allowed in any secular country.

  2. I’d read this blog more often but it’s mighty depressing. That business w/ Mr. Sugar… ugh. Islamists (and their xtian equivalents in my country), just Fuck all y’all.

    I can’t handle this constant reaffirmation of the frailty of human Reason – to see so many assholes with directly self-contradictory beliefs, using them to justify cruelty to their fellows. I thought Condell was tripping when he said Islamists had jacked the banner of human rights to enforce blasphemy laws, but sure enough…

    Tell you what, people, Blasphemy is my religion. It’s sacred to me, and if you try to take that right away from me, it offends my faith. We can’t have that, now, can we?

    In fact, that drawing of muhammad with the bomb turban is my holiest image, and your desecration of it offends the fuck out of me. I demand my freedom of religion! Somebody call a tribunal or something!

    1. Blasphemy is nothing more than a religious construct used to oppress, and as an aspirant to secular humanism, I must utterly reject it in any form. However, I most strongly agree with some of your sentiments G.A.S., and offer my own interpretation to build on yours…

      My ‘religion’ consists of the freedom to hold and speak my true thoughts, and so long as no harm comes to others, to practice whatever I believe is right, ethical and moral. My body is my only temple, and whether clothed or naked, it is NOT some illegal object to be used for my persecution. Furthermore, these are basic rights which I maintain belong inherently to every human being with whom I share this precious planet.

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