The excellent National Secular Society has won a legal challenge to prayers during local government council meetings.

Nonetheless, the government is activating powers it says will allow councils to hold prayers. Well I suppose you can’t blame them for hoping that prayer will succeed where they have failed.

But seriously, the NSS is not saying people aren’t allowed to pray. Pray all you like. No one cares least of all those of us who have better things to do with our time. Just don’t do it on tax payer’s time and in your role as a public official.

As Nicholas writes in an email:

The Romans would look at sheep entrails before commencing a battle… Praying before a council meeting is less messy but unlikely to help the outcome. Councillors could opt for carrying a rabbits foot or a lucky horseshoe. Putting in professionals who can set budgets and stick to them would be a more intelligent way to help tax payers and recipients of services in a recession.

But that is just too much to ask…


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