Press Release No 22

Sakine and her family await the ‘International Sakine Day’ tomorrow 24 July. They hope that protests will help to free Sakine. Her children, Sajad and Faride, are following the efforts of millions of people across the world in their defence and are anxiously awaiting their mother’s release.

Sajad visited Sakine in prison on Thursday 22 July. Ms Ashtiani is worried because the authorities in Tabriz are trying to get an expedited execution order and she is also worried that her lawyer and family might not be informed of any impending execution as is often the case in Iran. The Islamic regime of Iran is trying to prevent communication between Sakine’s family and lawyers and the Save Sakine campaign and international media. However, Sakine’s family know that more than half a million signatures have been collected on her behalf and they know that millions of people are supporting her.

Sakine’s lawyer in Tehran, Mr Mostafaei, has been ordered to present himself in Evin prison. However he has not yet done so; he intends to present himself there tomorrow, Saturday. We will closely monitor whether Mr Mostafaei and Sakine’s family will be put under even more pressure.

The ICAE and ICAS calls on people worldwide to continue their efforts to save Sakine as only international pressure from the world community will be able to save her.
We are calling on everyone to take part in the ‘International Day for Sakine’ tomorrow Saturday 24 July as it is not only a day to protest in support of Sakine but also a day to protest against stoning and execution.

Mina Ahadi
International Committee Against Execution (ICAE)
International Committee Against Stoning (ICAS)
23 July 2010

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