If you’re around London this Saturday, why not join the Secular Europe march and rally? Sudanese atheist and activist Nahla Mahmoud will be speaking on behalf of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain and One Law for All. Other speakers include Sue Cox, Terry Sanderson and Joan Smith. Here are more details.

When you’re marching, please remember those who have lost their lives to Sharia and religious laws, like the sweet 16 year old girl who recently committed suicide after being arrested by Aceh Sharia police at a concert and charged with ‘prostitution’ because of what she was wearing. And don’t forget: we desperately need secularism not just for Europe but the world.




  1. On Muhammad and Aisha, refer to this article for a nuanced discussion of an issue which is all too often wilfully over-simplified by reductionists in order to confirm pre-existing anti-Islamic prejudices.

  2. I wonder if some feminists would do a psychoanalysis of Muhammad’s young wife Aisha. It seems she started the whole niqab thing and other restrictions for women. wonder if it could have anything to do with her having been taken by Muhammad at such a young age and having being ‘thighed’ and sexually approached at such a young age. I think there are not many brave people who dared to do this before but as people like you are coming up, it could be done in the future. would be a nice response to people like Hamza Tzortsis who have an islamic supremacist agenda which they try to justify with a veneer of academia.

  3. It is very difficult to contain my rage at this terrible news. We have to stop this legalised bullying. We must organise direct action both inside Indonesia and around the world.

    If murderous attacks are being committed against US embassies because of a damn fool crap film then I think the very least we can do is deliver well a publicised coffin to every Indonesian embassy in the civilised world.

  4. There were so many movements in the past, over human rights, were condemned by the majority of populations. Now they have become a norm. And hopefully one day people all over the world won’t be able to imagine a place without secularism. Even though we don’t appreciate them who take the initiative to make the world a better place, still they will work quietly not expecting any rewards. And they are the real human being, like you.

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