“We, who are imprisoned and who are on the death row in … Iranian prisons, call upon you all to come out on September 7, 2007 in a global action to bring attention to our situation in order to prevent these executions… Execution is unjust and should be abolished in Iran and all over the world.”

This is part of a letter by 26 political prisoners and death-row inmates in Iran which was published on 25th August. The Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI) calls on all concerned people throughout the world, all Iranian opposition organisations and all international human rights and labour organisations to respond to this call of the political prisoners by protesting on 7th September everywhere and in any way they can against executions and for the abolition of the death penalty in Iran. We call on you to hold and/or take part in rallies, send email and fax messages to the Iranian regime and its embassies abroad and pressurize the governments of the world and international bodies.

We will hold demonstrations on 7th September in all the major cities in Europe and North America. We call on everyone who is appalled by the barbarity of the Islamic regime in Iran, all Iranians residing abroad and all organisations of the Iranian opposition to take part in these demonstrations shoulder to shoulder with the prisoners incarcerated in the Islamic regime’s dungeons and with the protesting people of Iran.

The political prisoners’ call is addressed to people around the world and to people in Iran. We call on workers, students, teachers and all women and men in Iran, who are fighting for human rights and freedom, to use all their initiatives to make September 7th a powerful day of action against executions and for the abolition of the death penalty in Iran.

This barbarity must stop.

27 August 2007


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