In response to my post explaining the ex in ex-Muslim, Mr. A Kundi‏ or @adnzafar says on Twitter:

@MaryamNamazie then don’t say #exmuslims. then there will be no killings. Simple!

Simple for who?

The defenders of Islamism are always on the ready to blame Islam’s victims for its crimes.

All you need to do to stop their killing machine is to stop speaking, stop criticising Sharia or the veil, stop holding hands, stop opposing sex apartheid, stop thinking and breathing…

A Kundi has things the other way around.

Stop Islamism and Islam’s role in the public space, push its back to the wall, send it back to the Middle Ages, then there will be no killings.



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  1. The only commment I have is that the fundamentalists of all stripes, but especially the Muslims, have never left the Middle Ages. They want to drag all of us back there with them

  2. sounds like extorsion
    “don’t say [word] and you will not be killed/harassed/violated”

    there are not many things as silly as forbidden words.

  3. That is exactly what the so-called “Peace” of Islam means, it seems. That is: Just shut your mouth and there will be peace. If you speak, you started it and now the Islamists have the right to violent retribution against you.

    And so many progressives fall for this baloney… that’s why I no longer call myself a progressive, but an independent thinker.

  4. It’s the standard response from religionists the world over, really: just shut up, be properly invisible. Then there’s no problem.

    They’re an awfully insecure lot, seems to me. Can’t even deal with having to face even the existence of people who disagree with ’em, apparently.

    Wilting lilies, the lot of ’em. They need to be toughened up, seems to me. So I’ll just have to keep repeating I think they’re full of shit louder and more than ever, I guess.

    (/Trust me, dears. This is for your own good.)

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