All we keep hearing after today’s (albeit temporary) truce went into effect is who managed to win in the Israeli war on Lebanon.

Was it Israeli state or Hezbollahi terrorism they ask and ask and comment on.

One look at 13 day old baby Waad lying dead in her mother’s clutches, though, is enough to tell them and anyone who cares to listen that no one can win in the war of terrorists but the terrorists themselves.

The rest of us are casualties in their race – having lost something so fundamental to our humanity when that lovely newborn baby – and her two brothers aged 7 and 9 who were also found clinging to their mother – died…

Maryam Namazie


  1. It’s what causes me to scream out loud, This crap has got to stop! So where do we begin, cause I see terrorists lining their pockets in the U.S. administration and Capitalists profiting from illeagal wars while thousands of innocent die, I see terrorists on both sides of the Israel and Hezbollah border who kill in the name of Zionism and Islam, I also see those who aid and abet terrorists by pumping out warring propaganda lies on CNN, FOX, ALJAZEER and the BBC. So where do we begin? Let’s put them all against the wall and make them pay… For the sake of the innocent people who have been killed by their terrorist hands.No wait, that will not work, it’ll just escalate terrorism more on all sides. Maybe we all just need to sit down and talk things out, find some common ground for peace.

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