The Islamic Republic of Iran intends to execute a young man who 6 years ago was imprisoned for having had a sexual relationship with his lover. The execution is to be carried out soon.

Mosleh Zamani was only 17 when he was arrested for having had sex with his girlfriend. Both he and his girlfriend were arrested by police and later sentenced to death by a court in Sanandaj. This sentence has been approved by the Supreme court of the Islamic Republic.

In 2007 the wave of protests from the people of Sanandaj and international Human rights organisations managed to halt the execution. However, the Kurdistan Province authorities have moved Mosleh to Dizel Abad Prison in Kemanshah, in order to be able to execute him away from the public protest.

Mosleh became paralysed once the news was broken to him when they took him to solitary confinement where those on death row are kept before being killed. The state of Kermanshah has unashamedly announced its intention to execute him and some others before Friday 18th December and use him as a deterrent to others.

The world should not remain silent when such gross abuse of human rights occur. Let us not forget that Mosleh was imprisoned in the first place for being in a sexual relationship with his girlfriend. This barbaric act of the Islamic Republic should outrage everyone.

To pressure the Islamic Republic to abandon these barbaric acts, it is the duty of each one of us to raise our voices and join forces to prevent Mosleh’s execution.

Please join us in our struggle for humanity. Write to the regime and let them know you demand an end to his execution.

And most importantly act quickly. Time is running out.

Please inform us of your actions.

International Committee Against Executions (ICAE)
December 16th, 2009

Contact: farshad Hoseini 0031633602627

or Mina Ahadi 00491775692413
With great thanks to Sara Banoo for translation

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