Since the morning of Saturday, December 27, Israeli forces have been carrying out massive, unprecedented attacks against Hamas strategic points in Gaza City as well as the Palestinian refugee camps. As a result, the lives and livelihoods of many people have been destroyed. During the air raids on Saturday more than fifty targets were hit in Gaza Strip and hundreds of people were killed or injured. Several hundred were killed during Sunday’s attacks. This is yet another scene of the massacre of Palestinian people, especially residents of Gaza, who have been caught in the cross fire of the state terrorism of Israel and its Western allies, on the one hand, and Hamas and Islamic terrorism in general, on the other.

After Hamas came to power in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli government imposed all-around sanctions on this region – an act that was condemned as “crime against humanity” across the world. Now, following Hamas’s refusal to renew the six-month ceasefire, and under the pretext of retaliating against the recent rocket attacks by Hamas on Israeli cities, the Israeli army is carrying out these atrocious attacks on the people of Gaza. The ruling government in Israel aims to increase its chances of winning the upcoming elections through such a murderous showdown.

On the other hand, Hamas continues its terroristic, criminal tactics as a reminder of its obstructive power, hoping to gain some concessions. The victims, on both sides of this equation of crime and bloodshed, are the innocent people living under the domination of criminal, terrorist states, on the one side, and characteristically similar movements, on the other.

Worker-communist Party of Iran, hand in hand with all freedom-loving people of the world, vehemently condemns the current massacre of the innocent people of Palestine by the Israeli government as well as its criminal siege of Gaza Strip, holding the lives of the people of Gaza to ransom. The current attacks must stop and the anti-human blockade must be removed immediately. We once again declare that the inhuman policies of the Israeli government must stop; the Islamist and other reactionary movements must be cut off from the life of the Palestinian people; an independent and equal state of Palestine must be immediately formed and recognized.

Worker-communist Party of Iran
December 28, 2008

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