555131_562483327107367_155145990_nDear friends,

Amina is asking for support! She is preparing to escape from Tunisia for her own safety. Please join the campaign to support Amina by donating here.

As has been previously reported, Amina was kidnapped by her family after posting a topless photo of herself for Femen Tunisia. On April 12, Amina managed to escape. She was able to get her papers. But they are outdated, and are being renewed. She is now safe. Thanks to all those who mobilised on her behalf. [More information can be found here.]

We now need her to look ahead with regards her safety. Applications for a scholarship for her have been made, and will be in place in September. In the meantime, we need 4,000 Euros ($5,200) to pay for travel and accommodation, food and security until September. If we raise more, we can meet Amina’s security needs beyond September.

The practicality of the call for donations will be managed by the organisation, Prochoix.

Upon receipt of the donations by Prochoix via the crowdfunding platform, Filmmaker Nadia El Fani who is in daily contact with Amina will be responsible for ensuring Amina’s needs are met.

Collectif Free Amina
Fiammetta Venner (Prochoix)
Nadia El Fani, Tunisian Filmmaker



  1. I chipped in some as well. I’m afraid it isn’t a huge amount (kudos to whoever donated $500!) but every little helps. Come on, people. Amina needs and deserves our support.

  2. I couldn’t give much, but gave some, hope many more do the same. I’ll post this on my FB page and hope it helps.

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