irantribunalFollowing a ruling from The Hague in February 2013, where the Islamic Republic of Iran was charged with crimes against humanity for its gross violations of human rights during 1980-1988, Iran Tribunal is holding a meeting in London today at 3pm with witnesses, victims and survivors to raise public awareness and bolster public support for justice.

I have previously reported on this and mentioned an interview with Mansoor Hekmat entitled June 20, 1981: One of the Greatest Crimes of the 20th Century where he likened the Islamic movement’s suppression of the left-leaning Iranian revolution as “a violent coup d’état that succeeded as a result of widespread executions and murders”:

They poured onto the streets and arrested anyone who did not look like a Muslim. If someone had salt and pepper in his/her pockets, they accused him/her of planning to throw it in the eyes of the Revolutionary Guards. They arrested anyone who had recited a poem, who was known to be a Socialist or supporter of women’s rights, anyone who was not veiled and anyone who looked Left wing and executed them that same night. Statistics, documents and witnesses proving these atrocities are ample. There will come a day when the people of Iran and the world will observe the trials of those who committed these crimes. On that day, the world will weep for the hundreds of thousands of victims of 20 June (30 Khordad 1360) and after and particularly 1988 (1367).

That day has now come and gone.

All that remains is for those responsible to be arrested and for this despicable regime to be overthrown.

The tribunal’s verdict can be read here.

You can watch today’s meeting here.


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