Read my first response to questions/comments made on the One Law for All campaign and November 21 rally. It is about racist parties and their affinity with the Islamists.

You will need to go to the link to see the comment I am responding to:

Here it my response:

Thank you for your comments and questions. I have received a large number of emails too and will try and respond briefly to one every day until our rally on November 21.

Let me begin by responding to the one from the Stop Islamisation Of Europe (SIOE).

Of course there is much to say about them and their racist politics – and don’t worry – I will.

For now, however, suffice it to say that I find it comic how they – and the likes of the English Defence League or the British National Party – don’t see their affinity with the Islamists and the political Islamic movement.

Stephen Gash’ statement is a great case in point.

The Islamists blame Westerners for Western government policies – no matter how many of them come out and say ‘not in our name.’ For the Islamists, all Israelis are fair game; so is every single man, woman and child in America and so on and so forth. That’s why they target buses and discothèques. They too say that the people in the West elected those governments and therefore must be held accountable. In the world according to them, the people in America elected Bush so they deserved September 11; the people in Britain elected Blair so 7/7 was fair game.

And in the world according to the likes of Stephen Gash, the millions languishing under and resisting Sharia law deserve what they get no matter how many are killed, tortured, burnt, stoned and hung from city squares…


As an aside, that is also why Geert Wilders will never be invited to speak at our rallies; he represents that very way of thinking that scapegoats and blames millions for a regressive right wing political Islamic movement that was actually brought to centre stage by Western government policy during the Cold War. For an analysis on his film, Fitna, see this. You can also see Fitna Remade by Reza Moradi here.

BTW if you want to read on, here is a good interview I did with Bahram Soroush and Fariborz Pooya on racist parties and racism.

Until tomorrow then



  1. Please explain why everything has to descend to an issue of race?

    Race has absolutely nothing to do with it. You are an ex-Muslim and an outspoken critic of Islam. You have not changed race in order to become such an outspoken critic.

    Muslims kill non-Muslims of all races.

    Islam requires Muslims
    Nazism requires nazis
    Communism requires communists

    All three comprise many different races and I despise all three.

    All three are filfthy, murderous totalitarian doctrines. Islam is the worst kind of totalitarianism because it has a deity attached.

    You are quite right about Bush, but he is now gone from power. That is the strength of democracy. Despite all of its faults democracy is infinitely better than Islam, nazism and communism.

    Obama is now in power and he could easily withdraw all troops from Muslim countries. This will not stop sharia law being imposed on Copts in Egypt, non-Muslims in Malaysia and Indonesia etc.

    Muslims want sharia law which is why they elect people like Erdogan.

    Venezuelans voted for Chevez, and low and behold, he increased his term in office, just like all communist leaders before him.

    Nazis (National Socialists) have now been replaced by International Socialists (internazis), but they continue the philosophy of violence like all socialists.

    SIOE was the only organisation that protested against the ethnic cleansing of Greenlanders in Denmark at the hands of Muslims, to the shame of the so-called anti-fascists. We are the only organisation speaking up on behalf of Copts, so do not dare to call us racists.

    We are completely intolerant of Islam and its proponents and unashamedly so.

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