1. I suggest you add that the laws stated in your article are your opinion and I as a Muslim defend your right to state whatever you wish. In you article you mention that 40 percent of British Muslims want Sharia, this shows 60 percent are against it.-peace

  2. WE ARE ALREADY LIVING AS DHIMMIS”Polls show that 40 percent of British Muslims want Sharia, Islamic Law implemented in the UK and the government has moved to accommodate them. Tony Blair’s government passed a law that would essentially criminalize blaspheming Islam. The law was weakened in the House of Lords but it will return again stronger than ever especially as the electoral and terror power of Muslims grow along with the desire of Western governments to appease them.Norway and Sweden have already begun the process of implementing similar laws. In parts of Australia criticizing Islam can get you jail time. In Israel a woman was sentenced to prison for drawing and distributing a cartoon of Mohamed as a pig. In Russia and Belarus newspaper editors have faced jail time for reprinting the Danish cartoons.THE FIRST LAW OF ISLAM: THOU SHALT NOT CRITICISE ISLAM!For all intents and purposes, from our government to our media to our public entertainment and educational system; the first law of Islam has been implemented.The laws beyond that will follow. Since this special status of Islam leaves all other religions unprotected, Islam already has a superior status to other religions while other religions have an inferior status to Islam. With the first law in place, WE ARE ALL ALREADY DHIMMIS.THE SECOND LAW OF ISLAM: ISLAM IS SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHER BELIEFS!Islam may be propagandized in schools while Judaism or Christianity may not. Muslims may pray in schools, members of other religions may not. Muslim holy books are treated as holy, while the holy books of other religions are treated as myth. The violence of other religions is condemned, while the violence of Islam is covered up. This leads us to Islam’s second law, Islam Is Superior To All Other Beliefs. By giving exclusive status to Islam, we have already implemented this as well.THE THIRD LAW OF ISLAM: YOU WILL OBEY US!By giving in to Islamic rage, we have already set the pattern of functioning as Dhimmis, of responding to Muslim tantrums with appeasement. The pattern continues from there with Muslims in public life enforcing their religious laws on everyone else. Muslim taxi drivers are already doing this by refusing to carry passengers who carry alcohol, seeing eye dogs for the blind and Muslim cashiers are refusing to handle pork.There are Islamic laws that place restrictions on women. These won’t require government authority to legislate. Muslims simply implement them by making clear what happens to women who don’t. In parts of the world that has meant throwing acid into the faces of schoolgirls who don’t wear the Hijab as in Indonesia, preventing women from entering public areas if they are not dressed ‘modestly’ as is widespread in African countries where Islam is on the rise, treating any woman not dressed in the Islamic manner as a legitimate rape target as in Europe.Sharia Law doesn’t need to function officially as long as Muslims have the leverage to implement it by force on an individual level. Through sensitivity training and religious protection laws, Muslims are forcing schools to allow Hijabs and Sex Separation as their requirements for women and through violence and harassment will force women to follow those requirements. … The same feminists who hold Take Back The Night Rallies along with solidarity rallies for Palestine will discover themselves the targets soon enough, as women increasingly face harassment from Muslim bosses, clients and customers for not complying while the various offices of civil and human rights naturally look the other way.The only major step Muslims have yet to achieve is to force disputes between Muslims and Non-Muslims to be mediated in Muslim courts. The hour is much later than we think.From http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/2008/02/three-laws-of-islam-we-are-already.html

  3. We are pleased to invite you to participate in the first conference: “A Celebration of Heresy: Critical Thinking for Islamic Reform” in Atlanta, GA, USA. This title emphasizes that we seek to promote our commitment to accept dissent and disagreement, because we believe that strong disagreement with the current views, is a necessary pre-requisite for genuine and effective reform. We celebrate heresy and dissent not as ends in themselves, but in order to enable and promote innovative and critical thinking. This conference convenes March 28-30 2008, at the Holiday Inn Select Atlanta Perimeter ( http://www.hiatlantaperimeter.com ), 4386 Chamblee Dunwoody Road, Atlanta Georgia 30341, phone 770-457-6363; fax 770-458-5282 (reservation is under group name NOOR). You can find more information about the subject, themes and organizers of this conference at http://www.hereticmuslims.com The conference is organized by a group of Muslim intellectuals who share commitment to the values of pluralism, democracy and respect for human rights. While the organizers and all participants in this conference have different political and intellectual affiliations, this conference will be strictly non-partisan in its objectives and implementation. The shared agenda of all organizers and participants is the sustained and effective promotion of innovative and critical thinking about all issues facing Muslims throughout the world. This conference is funded by the participants themselves who will cover their own travel and accommodation expenses, in addition to a registration fee of $100. This fee covers all meals, from dinner the evening of Friday March 28, to lunch on Sunday March 30. We have also negotiated a room rate of $72.00/night for participants plus applicable fees. Reservation is under group name NOOR. Please note that we must receive by 15th March 2008 your registration information and fee of $100 for the expenses noted above. This is necessary for practical reasons, including arrangements for all meals, meeting space and related expenses.

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