Here is my response for today:

Sana from Pakistan writes: ‘How lucky u guyz are at least you can protest and voice your opposition against the injustice [of Sharia law]. Pity on us.’

Maryam Namazie responds: Thanks so much for your email Sana. Our protest is just as much against Sharia in Pakistan as it is in Britain, Afghanistan, Somalia or elsewhere. The political Islamic movement is a global one; and opposition to it is global too. When we take to the streets in Britain, Iran, Afghanistan or elsewhere we do it for all of us – and not out of despair – but out of the hope and possibility for a better and different world.

In Pakistan, there are many who are protesting too. Below are some good contacts for you to have just off the top of my head – they will direct you to others who are organising. You can always begin by contacting them via email and the internet:

Women against Fundamentalism
A high court judge who is campaigning to get rid of state religion
Civil Society organisations that call for repeal of blasphemy laws
Shirkat Gah
Chay magazine on Sex, sexuality and Pakistan

Hope the above is useful. Please keep in touch and keep strong.


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  1. Religious fundamentalists in Pakistan, are always used when the left makes gains.

    In Pakistan my comrades run a refugee camp in the SWAT area, protecting people against both the Taliban and US imperialism.

    As you have said many times, that the fundamentalists are about $$. They benefit from the drug trade. They have big bank accounts.

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