To the second annual secularist of the year award ceremony

Dear friends

I am sorry that I am unable to be with you today. I planned to attend but had to go abroad to a last minute meeting due to the pressing circumstances in Iran.

I wish, however, to use this opportunity, to send my warmest greetings to the NSS organizers, Michael Irwin and participants of the second annual secularist of the year award ceremony. I also want to congratulate this year’s winner and hope this award will bring him or her as much honour and opportunity as it has brought me.

Clearly, this ceremony is an important moment in highlighting the crucial battle between the forces of religious reaction and that of civil society. A secular world must become the order of the day if we are to stop religion’s regressive role in our world and defend a world worthy of 21st century humanity.

In solidarity,
Maryam Namazie

Congratulations to the geneticist and anti-creationist Professor Steve Jones who won the award this year. To read more about him, click here.

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