lamaPublic outrage over the rape, torture and murder of 5 year old Lama and the lenient sentence imposed on her Islamic cleric father has forced the Saudi royal family to intervene.

It is reported that they have been ‘stung’ by the public outrage and are blocking Al-Ghamdi’s release; he is to remain in prison for a very long time.

Saudi authorities have also set up a 24-hour hotline to take calls about child abuse.

Had it not been for the public outcry and the Ana Lama campaign, the despicable Al-Ghamdi would now be free.

Public pressure in support of child welfare and protection is crucial for any change. But no real change can come about whilst religious dogma and Sharia laws take precedence over children and their lives.

#AnaLama, #AnaLama, #AnaLama.



  1. The word kuffar (being wrongly translated as nonbeliever or unbeliever) specifically refers to extremely inhuman, ignorant and unjust people like this Saudi cleric who raped, tortured, and murdered his daughter. Are the scary sounding verses in the Quran attacking the kuffar too harsh for such an individual? btw the wrong translation is coming from such people. The word being translated as apostate is referring to those who rejoined the kuffar. Re women and slaves: Prophet Muhammed did what he could in the small window of time he had–nothing was written in stone or anything else. His followers were supposed to carry on in the direction he pointed–towards freedom and equality.

  2. Alternatively put him in a room with men, or women who beat and torture him and anally rape him every half hour. Evil nasty man !

    When fighting monsters, one must be careful not to become a monster oneself.

    1. Marcus, that little equivocation doesn’t work. The moral, legal, religious, whatever “high ground” is irrelevant in the war with Islam. It might work to a degree with humans. It does not work at all with savages. When we’re trying to hold the high ground with Islamists, we’re simply playing into their jihad.

      1. If you’ve got him “in a room” (i.e. if you’ve got him locked up), it does no one any good to torture him as well.

        Locking up an islamist ‘savage’ (can we please stop dehumanising these people by the way – they are not monsters, they are just humans who have been infected by some really bad ideas) is just as effective at preventing them from inflicting harm on others as locking them up and torturing them. Our efforts should be focussed on making life as safe as possible for the people they seek to victimise, not on retribution for retribution’s sake.

  3. If not Sharia Law, which law, you are telling to implement?

    Secular law


    Also ‘Children are precious; whilst I agree with your moniker – they are indeed precious – adding more sexual violence to sexual violence is just plain stupid.

    What people like you are saying is basically thus; Sexual violence will not be tolerated unless we tolerate and prescribe it ourselves. Yes/No?

    It’s very much like the argument. Murder is murder and murder is vile so we shall support our state in murdering,.. erm murderers.

    Make up your minds people. Be reviled, be disgusted. Be angry, but don’t be so fecking hypocritical.

  4. I don’t care what religion he is to be honest, he is a filthy piece of dog crap as far as I am concerned and he should be treated as such and left on the sidewalk to get washed away by the rain or swept into the gutter. Alternatively put him in a room with men, or women who beat and torture him and anally rape him every half hour. Evil nasty man !

  5. If not Sharia Law, which law, you are telling to implement?

    Laws that treat all people as equal, regardless of gender, age, religion, nationality, etc.

  6. @Irfan Hussain – Sharia has everything to do with it since it absolves males from being accountable for their actions.

    In this particular case, someone raped, tortured and then murdered a small child. This is an outrageous and hideous event in this world that anyone with even the slightest sense of morality will instantly condemn. Yet, due to the absurdities of Sharia law, it was considered close to nothing because the someone was the father of the child, and the child was female.

    It is true that we will never stop these events from occurring, but we can certainly remove the ridiculous Sharia laws that provide cover for these horrible, immoral men.

  7. He should remain in prison for a very long time, but not merely at the whim of an autocratic, absolute & capricious monarch. It may be “right” that this one person is jailed for this one crime, but it is by no means “justice” unless the same laws are applied equally and impartially to all.


  8. What’s sharia has to do with this ? What are you trying to tell? If not Sharia Law, which law, you are telling to implement?

    1. Hahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!

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