A 21st century worthy of human beings is difficult to envision when our lives, our rights, our children, cities, schools and homes – are caught in the crossfire in a war of terrorists.

On the one hand, we are faced with US-led militarism. Iraq is a model for what the USA represents for the 21st century. No claims of weapons of mass destruction, liberation from dictatorship, a defence of rights and a war on terror can conceal its real nature. In
Iraq, it is stripped naked and bare. But that is only one part of 21st century reality. The other pole of international terrorism in the world today – political Islam – is no better. It hangs the likes of sweet 16 year old Atefeh Rajabi for ‘acts incompatible with chastity’, stones Maryam Ayoubi for adultery, throws acid in the faces of those who refuse to veil, and places bombs on buses and in trains in crowded city centres. While this movement makes many claims as the USA does in order to legitimise its barbarity -from people’s liberation, resistance, to rights – they are only claims to dupe and legitimise. It cares as much for the liberation of the people of Palestine and Iraq as the USA does – not more, not less.

Both will indiscriminately maim and slaughter the very people they claim to defend. Both in fact target civilians.

For you and me, in practical terms – notwithstanding the differences – the USA and political Islam are two sides of one coin. They have the same agenda, the same vision, the same infinite capacity for violence, the same reliance on religion and reaction, the same need for hegemony and profitmaking. They represent the same new bleak world order for 21st century humanity. They would both turn this world into another Iraq if they could.

But only if.

This is where we – the third camp – come in. Only civilised humanity can defend its own interests and push back reaction. This is our historical task.

Join us.


  1. Wow! ‘civilised humanity’….still thinking in 19th century eurocentric and discriminative terms.By the way, I came to this blog researching about cultural relativism and Iran’s situation of human rights, Your essay ‘CULTURAL RELATIVISM – THIS ERA’S FASCISM’ contains the biggest manicheism ever, worst than a Bush speech.

  2. The problem some of us radicals have in accepting this vision of American benevelonce is that in the historical record post 1945 we have acted more in self -interest than in helping those most in need.The public record shows our support for brutal dictatorial regimes in Latin America and the Middle East (Somoza, Pinochet, Contras, King Faud, Sadaam Hussien to name just a fraction)as well as Indonesia and elsewhere. Then there was our involvement in Southeast Asia.Perhaps you believe the US has turned over some new leaf but what convinces you? The American people did not support these policies or were misled into support which seems to undermine your faith in the democratic process.My problem is not with the people of America but with the economic system which is not something we vote on, it is the structure upon which all else is superimposed. That is why 36,000 people, mostly women and children, over ten 9/11s, will die today of hunger while millions of tons of food goes to waste.And you will hear nothing about it.

  3. I agree with Inquisitor here. I support your fight against political Islam and I can understand you being upset with the Bush administration’s policies. While most in our country (USA) would not support socialism, I think secular government and supporting human rights is what the US is all about. I think Mr. Bush was a bit gung ho with getting rid of Saddam Hussein and didn’t properly anticipate the sectarian violence and opposition to our presence. The good thing is when our country progresses outside of its normal boundaries of conduct the people have a chance to respond by electing new leaders as well the president will be out after 2008, and from all indications the next likely president will be a centrist like John McCain or Rudy Giuliani.What our country looks to offer over communism is opportunity. While there is understandable concerns with global capitalism, I think there needs to be a strong relationship between labor any opportunistic wealth creation. I really do hope the future politicians in the US look out to improve diplomatic relations not only with the leaders of nations but also with the people. I want to see very strong advances in human rights in Iran. I also hope that progress can also be made in China, the worlds most populated country. A China strongly supportive of a true democratic republic and human rights could be a strong force for change in the world.It’s a scary world no doubt. But, I think there is far too much anti-Americanism in the world today. Have you brought your concerns to our representatives in Congress and to the President? If you haven’t, send information to every single one of them about your concerns of US policy. Surely, they may look at you as an enemy of our nation, but I think they’ll also understand your deep yearning for human liberty throughout the world, in particular Iran. Good luck!!!

  4. The US military has helped to protect the world from Nazism, Japanese imperialism, and communist aggression (although you may disagree with the benefits of that one).It has worked to stop genocides around the world. It has protected the sovereignty of nations and protected people’s right to self-rule.The US has recently invaded and defeated the governments of Afghanistan, ruled by terrorists and most likely harboring bin Laden, and Iraq, a country ruled by a megalomaniac dictator who has murdered hundreds of thousands of his own people, consistenly ignored legitimate requests by the internation community, and proven that he would have stopped at nothing to develop chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons if allowed to stay in power.The US isn’t toppling innocent and benevolent governments. We are attacking terrorist regimes that are a threat to the entire world.You can lump the US together with Islamic terrorists if you like, but the facts clearly prove you wrong.

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