Here’s my speech at the 1 November Global day of Action for Kobane:

I was disgusted to see Social Workers’ Party and Stop the War Coalition speaking at the protest when they have been the stalwart defenders of the “ISIS” of Iran and other countries.

If you don’t know about their collaboration with the Islamists, see our report here.

Theirs is a politics of siding with the oppressors at the expense of progressive social movements and class politics and most importantly real live human beings.

As I mentioned in my speech, you can be opposed to both US-led militarism and Islamism – something they are clueless about because they have an affinity with the Islamists. How dare they show up and give lip service against ISIS when they have fully supported so many ISIS’ across the world?

BTW, Fariborz Pooya’s speech at the 1 November Global day of Action for Kobane can be seen below too:

(Thanks to Patty Debonitas for the video clips.)



  1. just my opinion;;;;thèse ISIS men have TINY willies!!!thats why theyre so angry and frustated!they cant satisfy their women so they feel very humiliated,,,so they are aggressive with everyone!!when other men and the women see their willies,they laugh!!!and this makes the isis men feel very stupid and ashamed and unimportant!so theyre horrible to everyone,!any doctor will tell you that people are violent when theyre frightened!these men are frightened of being inadaquet because of their TINY willies! nothing we can do to help them im afraid!just feel sorry for them

  2. “Theirs is a politics of siding with the oppressors at the expense of progressive social movements and class politics…”

    “Theirs” is the same as “Yours”. It’s Class Politics that has murdered millions and the “Promises” of Class Analysis will be to murder more. There is no “Truth” when Truth is Class Functional, only whether or not someone is perceived to be a member of a “Genuine” or “Authentic” Class.

    Yes! Yes! Jailed Ayatollah calls the Iranian Regime evil! What result follows from this?

    *- Nothing -*

    We are at the Walter Duranty moment again and what will be the harvest from this? More deaths and there will be, predictably, no apologies as a New Class of killers becomes empowered at the expense of the old killers. The New Killers will claim, of course, Class Authenticity.

    MN, you have done some good for the Human Condition with your advocacy. Sadly, it ends here.


  3. From the report, “Siding with the Oppressor”:

    “‘Now I’m in favour of defending gay rights, but I am not prepared to have it as a shibboleth, [created by] people who … won’t defend George Galloway, and who regard the state of Israel as somehow a viable presence, justified in
    occupying Palestinian territories.’ Lindsey German, Convenor, Stop the War, Coalition.”

    So by reporting a verbal statement and using a cunningly-placed comma after the word presence, the impression is created that Lindsey German is in favour of ending the state of Israel. That’s a cheap shot. German is a vociferous critic of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories and she directs her criticism at the Israeli government. She does not campaign for the end of Israel’s presence on the planet as this mispunctuated quote implies.

    Given that the deceptively punctuated quote is only the second paragraph in the whole damn report, it immediately casts doubt on the credibility of the entire document. I stopped reading it as a rational document at that point. I’m not up for supporting lies and misrepresentations.

    I’m gay. I’m familiar with the way the defence of gay rights is used as a loyalty test in atheist communities to coerce people into supporting attacks on the Left and attacks on Islam (Islam, in this context, being the religion of muslims, which includes muslims themselves). I don’t consent to gay rights being used as a weapon in this way, as the cynical use of this manipulated quote does. Other gay people can disagree with me if they want, but I agree with Lindsey German. The defence of gay rights must not be a shibboleth used to bolster reactionary politics.

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