Delara Darabi, the young artist who has been in Rasht prison for the last 5 years in Iran, is at great risk of execution at any moment. A few days ago, she was told by prison authorities to prepare herself as she would be executed any day. Her lawyer, Abdolsamad Khoramshahi, is convinced that if she were to be given a new trial whereby they could re-enact the scene of the crime, it would be easily proven that Delara is innocent of the alleged murder she was convicted of. Khoramshahi has said many times that he has new evidence including the crime being committed by a right handed person whereas Delara is left-handed.

In 2007, Stop Child Executions produced a 10 minute documentary about Delara which can be viewed here.

For more information on Delara Darabi, click here.

Please send your urgent action by phoning or faxing the Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations:

Mohammad Khazaee, Ambassador and Permanent Representative
622 Third Ave. New York, NY 10017Tel: (212) 687-2020 / Fax: (212) 867-7086

And writing to the Head of Judiciary in Iran
Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi
Howzeh Riyasat-e Qoveh Qazaiyeh / Office of the Head of the Judiciary
Pasteur St., Vali Asr Ave., south of Serah-e Jomhouri
Tehran 1316814737
Phone: [00 98 21] 391 1109Fax: [00 98 21] 390 4986

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  1. Thank you for bringing Delara’s case to my attention. I watched the heart ranching story in google. I signed the petition as well. She shares a very similar name as my daughter, Lara…. I hope she can be free to enjoy and paint soon.

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