A Report has been published by Amnesty International on September 1, 2009 declares that there are 1000 persons in Iraq awaiting to be executed including 9 women, 150 of which have exhausted all possibilities of appeal. The report also signifies that executions by the ruling Islamic and nationalist government in Iraq has been doubled and that many of the prisoners regularly face torture to force confessions with complete lack of legal rights for prisoners and detainees.

The Islamic-nationalist government in Iraq claims that the execution is “very necessary” in order to stop the violence and terrorism according to its so-called minister of “human-rights”!. This position, in fact, has nothing to do with the claim of this government to stop violence or terrorism. On the contrary, the government only wishes to justify violence and brutality that it commits in order to strengthen its position through maintaining terror. Both sides of the conflicting poles in Iraq, the so-called state forces, and the Islamic and nationalist groups opposed to that state, are responsible for the blood sheds and the attacks on the rights of people in Iraq. These brutal forces have nothing to do with, neither ending terror, nor with any degree of human decency. Those forces compete to use the most barbaric of methods to galvanize their positions and they deliberately use intimidation and fear for that end.

The claim of the Iraqi government that death penalty decreases terrorism and “violence” is a lie. The forces of this religious, sectarian, nationalistic, ethnic, and tribal government itself, practice, on the largest scale, and according to international reports, torture, detention, assassinations, and organized terrorism. With the collaboration of the US forces and its allies, it has been committing atrocities against the people of Iraq. Their records from the prisons of Abu Ghraib, Boka, and the vaults of the Ministry of Interior, in addition to the presence of heads of Islamic and nationalist terrorist militias inside its apparatus, government, and “parliament”, are few examples of the true identity of these groups and the idiocy of their claim that execution aims to reduce “violence”.

Our party strongly condemns execution under any pretext or justification. We consider execution and capital punishment as a premeditated crime committed by the state against its citizens; a barbaric inhumane method for punishment that does not contribute, and has nothing to do with, the so-called end of violence, fighting crimes, or establish safety and security. Establishing security in Iraq does not pass through these militias but, to the contrary, only through pushing them aside; a complete ending of US occupation, and disarmament of all Islamic and nationalist groups which will restore normalcy and civility in Iraq. The struggle to establish security can not be separated from the struggle to end all forms of brutality and barbarity in society.

Our party calls for all humanitarian organizations; political parties, workers trade unions, socialist and women organizations, egalitarian, secular, and civil groups and individuals to exert pressure on the Iraqi government to stop the execution of 1000 prisoners. Send protest letters, organize protests, talk to humanitarian international organizations, fight to stop the crimes of execution that the Iraqi government is perpetrating. We draw the attention to 9 women who are awaiting their execution while their “confessions” were taken under torture. Our party will endeavor to expose this government and its practices against the people of Iraq to the whole world. We call upon the people and their civilized forces to join our struggle to completely prohibit capital punishment and execution.

Stop the Execution of 1000 Prisoners in Iraq!
Prohibit Capital Punishment as Premeditated Crime!
The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq – LWPI
2 September 2009

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