Mina Ahadi and Maryam Namazie have been selected as two of the top 45 women of the year by Elle Quebec (Canada) for their work in the Councils of Ex-Muslims. To see the cover and relevant page, click here.


  1. I think being selected by Elle, world’s biggest fashion magazine, should not be propitious incident for Maryam Namazie from the Worker-communist Party of Iran. Within the context of democracy, these publications undertake some resembling function with the fashion police in Iran. They all restrict our potential of expression and facility to comprehend the social life. One of my girlfriends was an ardent bookworm of these women’s magazines (Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle, etc.), and had a fair amount of interest in astrology, so I had spent some time with looking through this literature. My logic was that I could find out her understanding by investigating the emblematic implications of market about middle class women. It did not work out at all as it shares the same false logic: while she strives to understand you with the symbols that she has learned from these magazines, you are trying to identify her understanding by working out the same symbols. It was a dance of misunderstanding at the end (!)Best Regards,

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