imadThe last email the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain received from 22 year old Imad Iddine Habib, the founder of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Morocco (the first atheist organisation in a country with Islam as a state religion), spoke of more threats and a final warning from the Moroccan government.

In the email, he said:

My Father has been interviewed by secret agents at work, they asked him about my activities, my beliefs, my relations and if some foreigners visit me, and they told him that I have to stop, and that I am considered an enemy of the country by showing bad things about it … and [that] it is the last warning before they react.

Since then, he has gone into hiding after security officials raided a home to possibly arrest him.

His latest Facebook post says:

Hey Everyone,

I would like to thank everyone who supported me, asked about me by any mean! Those whom I didn’t reply didn’t add me as a friend, as I am blocked, I couldn’t reply at them! Thank you All, you made me so proud of being part of this big and united family of rational and free thinkers!

Whatever my fate will be in the next hours, the next days, the next weeks; killed, beaten, jailed, or anything else, I am not sorry for what I have done since I became an activist few years ago, I have shared with many people here thoughts and ideas, and so many awesome memories.

Both police and people are looking for me, I have nowhere to go, my life is at high risk… However, I am Happy, because I am not the only one fighting for a better world, I hope I will be the last man persecuted because of Dogmatisms, Religions, or Myths.

Whatever I’ll be, KEEP FIGHTING, I love you all.

PS: There is no god but Minnie Mouse.

– Imad Iddine Habib

The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain unequivocally condemns efforts of the Moroccan government to silence Imad. Rather, the government should be prosecuting those who threaten Imad and apostates with death, including members of Morocco’s High Council of Ulemas who recently issued a fatwa decreeing the death penalty for Moroccans leaving Islam.

This is our final warning to the Moroccan Government. Hands off Imad, prosecute those who threaten and incite murder, and respect freedom of expression and thought.

The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain calls on all to condemn the Moroccan government and defend Imad.

On 15 May join us in defending Imad. He is all of us.

More details will follow.



  1. Imad Iddine Habib is a hero, and if Morocco lays a hand on him they are making a big mistake.

    “my life is at high risk, but I am happy, because I am not the only one fighting for a better world” – we all must try to live up to this shining example of love and courage.

  2. I’ve sent an email letter to H.H. Princess Lalla Joumala Alaoui UK Ambassador of His Majesty the King of Morocco protesting his attempted arrest. Might help…

  3. Muzzle him not!

    These are the actions that bring disgrace on us as Muslims and to Islam. No wonder millions hate us and are afraid of Islam today. He has every right to apply his faculties and every right to leave Islam. Don’t defeat the Quran (2:256); dont close the door for him to come back that the Quran keeps open – Nisa:137 and Prophet (Sahi Bukhari 9-318, Sirat pages 384, 527 and 550).

  4. I can’t get my head around how brave he is. The insanity of their laws which do not say atheism is illegal, but that telling a Moroccan Muslim one is an atheist and why is! The effect is that young Muslims I speak to in Morocco tell me it is not illegal to be an atheist, but they have no idea the efforts their government goes to to protect them from exposure to different world views. I hope he survives this and serves as a catalyst for change.

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