Whilst we are on the subject of campaigning, there’s a really important manifesto that you need to support.

We have to intervene and stop the Arab spring being hijacked by Islamists and US-led militarism and turned into an Arab winter.

Nothing is guaranteed in this world. We have to fight for progressive change and it’s important for freethinkers to support the many in the Middle East and North Africa who want to live 21st century lives.

So please sign this if you can. We want to gather 100,000 signatures soon. It shouldn’t be hard to do – not with your help.

You can sign here. [The link is correct now – sorry about that and thanks for telling me.]


  1. Whilst I agree with the sentiments expressed in the petition, and empathize with women and non-Muslims facing the prospect of living under Sharia law, I can’t see what World Citizens can do about it if the citizens in ME/NA countries actually vote for Islamist parties.

    1. It’s not just a matter of voting. There was no vote in Libya for example. Also where there is, Islamists have the power and money to organise in elections as they were often allowed to operate even during the dictatorships. Secularists don’t have that backing and have not been organised as they have been brutally suppressed. For fair and free elections, things need time. Also even in democracies in the west, people don’t necessarily get what the ‘vote’ for – actually often the opposite. Most importantly, people didn’t come out on to the streets to demand Islamism but Islamism is now hijacking their revolutions. So it is important for citizens everywhere to defend the secularists just as Islamists support and defend sharia law. What chance do people in the region have if those supportive of secularism shrug their shoulders and evade responsibility and solidarity?

  2. Maryam,

    Can you fix the link to the petition? I’m sure many of us would love to sign and support.


  3. Hi Ms. Namazie, I am so excited that you are here with some of my favorite bloggers! You bring an important voice and an important perspective.

    On the link above, I think you left out the colon after the http.

    Here is the link

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