To see the latest issue of WPI Briefing 201, December 11, 2006, a monthly publication of the Worker-communist Party of Iran, click here.

In this month’s issue:

* Freedom and Equality was the call of Students’ Day in Iran
* Nationwide student protests! A declaration from the Communist Youth Organisation
* There is no ‘right’ to nuclear weapons, TV International interview with Hamid Taqvaee
* Should Saddam Hussein be executed? Soheila Sharifi
* Religion’s role in the expansion of AIDS, Arash Sorx
* Campaign to save the lives of Rafigh Taghi and Samir Sedaghat Oghloo, Mina Ahadi
* Iran: Third bus union activist released; Ossanlou still in detention
* Ahmadinejad booed at Tehran University
* Maryam Namazie’s interviews and media coverage in the past weeks
* TV International will not be broadcast again until 16 January 2007

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