For the last thirty three years, the Islamic Regime in Iran has robbed Iranian citizens of their most basic human rights in order to stay in power. The slightest criticism of the government is met with immediate arrest, unspeakable torture and even execution. Tens of thousands of men and women including juveniles as young as 12, were tortured and executed in the 1980s during the mass executions of political prisoners, which was the topic of a 145 page document by the prominent UN jurist; Mr. Geoffrey Robertson. Not only have these executions continued to this day, they have dramatically increased since an uprising in 2009. There is a systematic campaign underway by the Iranian regime to severely crumble civil society by targeting journalists, lawyers, human rights activists, women’s rights advocates, labor activists, religious minorities, homosexuals, and student protestors. In addition, authorities have restricted access to information by blocking websites, impairing internet, and jamming foreign satellite broadcasts. The regime has shown that it will stop at absolutely nothing in order to ensure staying in power. There are thousands upon thousands of well documented cases by various human rights organizations regarding the gross human rights violations of political dissidents in Iran. The UN appointed Special Rapporteur to Iran, Mr. Ahmed Shaheed, presented a report on the worsening situation in Iran as recently as March 2012, yet authorities have so far refused to allow him access to the country.

We at CFFPI have chosen June 20th as the International day in support of political prisoners in Iran to highlight the Iranian Holocaust of political prisoners. We ask you to join us on this day in solidarity in 28 cities across the globe, to be their voice and say no to the barbaric Islamic Regime in Iran. Join us wherever you are, whoever you are in any way you can. Humanity needs your help.

Check our weblog for the list of participating cities>> 28 cities have joined

Sign our petition in support of Political Prisoners in Iran

Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI)


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