I’m getting lots of these Facebook messages in messenger (in addition to all the other charming ones from sensitive souls who are so hurt by women’s bodies and criticism of Islam that they have no more sensitivity left in them for murder and mayhem.)

Let me respond here en masse:

I find your religion offensive, distasteful, hurtful, annoying, blah blah blah. Your Islamism is today’s fascism.

Since you are so concerned about feelings, can you please remove any reference to Islam and religion and Islamic states and the hadith… please because I feel pained and must rock myself to sleep whenever I see or hear the above. Of course I don’t ask you not to express your beliefs because even though I despise your misogynist, homophobic and inhuman beliefs, I respect your right to believe but you cannot ever respect mine. You won’t be happy until you force me into silence and submission. Why do you think your beliefs are more important than mine? Because your movement threatens people? Because it intimidates them? Because Islamic states have the death penalty to silence all dissent? Is that why you think your beliefs are immune to criticism? Is that why you think I must not speak or think or live as I choose? Well I am not afraid of you or your despicable movement. I choose to live and love and die standing rather than bowing on my knees to any man, master or god.

You’re annoyed, you’re offended? Who cares? You need to learn that the world is full of many people with as many different views.

Now try joining the 21 century.



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