Human Rights in Iran

The UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran Ahmed Shaheed will be giving his report on the human rights situation in Iran today, which will be broadcast live. The Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran asks that we tweet Ahmed Shaheed using the following tweet to echo the voice of political prisoners deprived from medical attention:

Iran regime refuses to provide urgent medical assistance to #Iran #Politicalprisoners. @shaheedsr Silent death!

Fitnah – Movement for Women’s Liberation and Children First Now also ask that you tweet him in condemnation of Iran’s legalised paedophilia:

No to legal paedophilia in #Iran @shaheedsr

Ex-Muslims and Media

A group of ex-Muslims will be meeting the BBC today at 2pm to discuss the plight of ex-Muslims here in Britain. If you can make it at 2pm, text Maryam at 07719166731 so she can tell you where to come. We are also looking for ex-Muslims who have faced threats and also some who live in Ireland for two other media reports. You can email Council of Ex-Muslims at

Your fatwa doesn’t apply here

The wonderful Karima Bennoune will be speaking at the LSE tonight at 6pm on her new book: Your Fatwa Doesn’t Apply Here. I’ll be there and so should you if you are in London and can make it. This is a not-to-be-missed event. Hopefully some members of the LSE student union will be there so they can hear first-hand about the many Muslims or those of Muslim heritage who dissent and resist, thereby making it quite clear that Muslims are not a homogeneous group who are unanimously offended by Jesus and Mo. I doubt any of her wisdom can get through but we can hope, can’t we? Either way, they need to learn that Islamist fatwas against free expression don’t apply at the LSE either! Here’s more information.


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