Haven’t had time to write a blog post today but wanted to bring attention to a few things:

* Several Ahmadi Muslims have been arrested for publishing ‘blasphemous’ books about their faith. This is what happens when Islamist values are seen to be one and the same with Muslim values. Then a large number of Muslims are no longer ‘real Muslims’ and face threats, persecution and intimidation. Religion is a private matter; the sooner we can get rid of Islamism, the sooner people can believe in Islam or not without fear.

* Roy Brown from the International Humanist and Ethical Union just informed me that somebody tried to kill writer Lars Hedegaard in Denmark today. Roy received this news: “The guy rang his doorbell pretending to be the postman delivering a package. When Lars opened the door he tried to shoot him in his head, but missed. Lars went into a fight with him, managed to get the gun off him, the guy managed to get hold of the gun again and Lars went into a new fight with him while he tried to shoot again, but the gun didn’t go off. After this resistance the guy fled.” You might recall that Lars was previously fined for making insulting remarks about Islam. it is most likely the work of Islamists. Appalling that someone who has made some ‘insulting’ remarks must die but Lama’s father goes free! What an upside down world!

When I spoke in Denmark a while back, Lars and I disagreed on many a thing but one thing is certain: no-one must be threatened, intimidated, or censored for “insulting” Islam or religion… It’s a little thing called free expression.

*  By the way, the brilliant Nahla Mahmoud has written a piece on Sharia law here as a follow up to her Channel 4 piece on Sharia.

* When you get a chance, take a look at a movie on Sharia made by President of Free Muslims Toronto Chapter, Hassan Mahmud, here.



  1. Something that would be very helpful for everyone is a constant reminder that Sharia laws are man-made laws, and the Hadiths were recorded and written by men as was the Quran. In particular, the adjective man-made should ALWAYS appear before the word Sharia. The “Islamists” constantly refer to these as “God’s” Laws, Book, etc. as if God took up a pen and wrote them when even the Prophets did not do so; it is like a mantra and has the same effect on people. Also, if you know women in universities with access to libraries and who can speak Arabic as well, it would be even more helpful when certain laws are being raised, to name the man who wrote it, or re-wrote it, at what time and under what circumstances (environment). Put it into context. Same with the Quran and Hadiths, esp. the Quran, as the entire book is out of context. There is no context whatsoever, and everyone knows that when you take something out of context, you can make it say whatever you want it to say. I am not talking about men sitting in Ivory Towers doing this but women, and men, on social media sites.

  2. In regards to Nahla Mahmoud piece that you are promoting, I am a bit confused and would like to point out an inaccuracy in her comment.
    I too was on the very same series of Channel 4s 4thought http://www.4thought.tv/themes/what-does-sharia-law-have-to-offer-britain/omar-kuddus?autoplay=true and I am very much AGAINST the introduction of Sharia, as I more than made clear in MY segment.
    Thus perhaps it could be explain and justify to me , her statement “Out of seven people interviewed, I was the onlyone who was against sharia” as apparently she have either not viewed my take on thesubject or have seem other reasoning for the statement.
    Considering that I am an LGBT activist, a Muslim LGBT rights advocate and founder of GayAsylumUK as well as a columnist on GayStarNews you can appreciate how you comments can be interoperated by those who have not personally viewed my segment and also my reputation in general.
    I had noted in your original article you, yourself did not advocate that I was supporting the introduction of Sharia law into the UK .

    1. Hi Omer,
      I have accredited your opinion as a gay rights activist strongly opposing sharia law. afraid the Left Foot Forward cut that part out as well as many other background details and intro’s to my ideas, which I believe were all quite important….I have rewritten them to add these parts back.

      I didn’t really consider Christian evangelist views as his opposition to sharia was based on religious grounds. He thinks the Christian rules would be a better alternative. so doesn’t really count as in favor of a secular state, just changing terrible rules to less worse.

      Best and keep up the great work ,

      Nahla Mahmoud

  3. Religion can be so terrible to humankind.
    Just look at the Roman Catholic Magdalene Laundries in Ireland up until 1996. So backwards.
    They took girls and women and used them as slave labour. No wages, no freedom. The Catholic Church held them captive.
    Religion is rotten.

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