To people of the world
To all labour unions and rights’ organisations and individuals

All out on Feb 11 in support of the people of Iran!

The end of the Islamic regime of Iran is near. A regime that has kept itself in power for 31 years by execution, torture and repression is about to go. We call on you to support the struggle of the people of Iran for toppling this regime and for bringing freedom, equality, welfare, secularism, an end to gender apartheid, free speech, freedom to organise and strike, and an end to the death penalty, torture and stoning and all brutal Islamic punishments.

On Thursday Feb 11 people of Iran will be preparing themselves for massive demonstrations across Iran. Simultaneously, around the world in front of the Islamic Republic’s embassies and consulates people will be holding demonstrations in support of the people of Iran. We call on you to show your solidarity by joining these demonstrations.

For international solidarity with the people of Iran!
A human revolution for a human rule!

Khalil Keyvan
Worker-communist Party of Iran – Organisation Abroad
5 February 2010

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