A Message to workers and Labor Syndicates and honored Italian people

To active members and authorities of CGIL, CISL and UIL in Italy

Dear Friends

Accept our regards from the beating warm heart of one of the most important centers of people’s struggle for freedom and equality. From the International Committee Against Execution. Your solidarity with the fights of young workers of Iran and people of Iran for liberty and for the crack-down, jail, torture and execution’s state is warmly welcome. Your solidarity and protest against the Islamic regime of executioners has excited us and all Iranian people. This solidarity has to be an important symbol of solidarity with the struggle of Iranian people and must be exported worldwide. You’re considered as a pattern and symbol for all workers’ syndicate in different parts of the world. Your fight these days in defense of Iranian people’s life, and respect and the initial rights of Iranian workers and those who object to the Islamic Republic is an important mandate.

Your objection, is actually an echo of Iranian people fallen to their blood in the streets of Tehran. You are by the side of Iranian families and people who are spending their fifth day of protest in front of Evin Prison (one of the most frightening prisons of Iran across the Middle East) the objections which are encountered by different types of presses, detentions and hurts and insults. In front of high and thick walls of Evin Prison people chant for release of political prisoners and stop the executions. You are the echo of these chants in the capital of Italy. Your solidarity will be recorded in the history of Iranian people’s fights for liberty. Your name will be recorded in the list of those who crack the Bastille’s Prison of Islamic Republic of Iran, who break down the execution machine of Islamic Republic, and Terrorism Exportation of Islamic Government. The fore coming generation will hail all of you who helped in overthrowing of Fascism government of Islamic Republic.

Islamic Republic is the government of torture and execution. This government has been continuing the path of torture & massive execution. With using these tools and methods, they could deny to pay the workers’ wages, they could bans the Labor’s organization, they could deny the right of organize and the right of stick, with these tools they could arrests and tortures the representatives of workers, cracks the labor gatherings down and has put the society and seventy million people of Iran away from their rights. But today a revolution is in progress in the Iranian society which is definite to overthrow this terrifying system forever. There is a dark future for the Islamic Republic. This government has to depart so is trying in full potential to continue the tortures and executions and each day of this system means more executions and more tortures.

If all the Labor organizations all workers trade unions and Syndicates worldwide set together, if all the workers across the world want it, the wildest government of Iran can be overthrown. If the workers syndicates unite with the people of Iran, and all make an international solidarity action, the people of Iran will quickly overthrow the Islamic Government and the world will get rid of this dirty spot. With all our potentials we will try to overthrow this system and make Tehran the absolute capital to protect the labor and Workers’ right worldwide.

Wishing for That Day
Long Live international solidarity with Iranian struggle
Long Live Workers and Labor Syndicates of Italy

Farshad Hosseini
International Committee Against Executions
Phone Number: 0031681285184
February 4th 2010

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