Amina’s first talk with FEMEN’s Inna Shevchenko after her escape from detention. Amina was kidnapped, denied contact with friends and FEMEN, beaten, taken to a psychiatrist, drugged, forced to read the Koran and taken to imams though she is an atheist, taught “morals”, given a virginity test… all because she posted a topless photo of herself with the slogan “my body belongs to me, and is not the source of anyone’s honour” and “fuck your morals”.

Amina says she will not leave Tunisia until she does another topless action; she will continue the struggle…

And we will stand with her.

Here is the wonderful Amina:

Long Live Amina!


Congratulations to all those who defended Amina on the International Day to Defend Amina and shame on those who chose to side with Islam and Islamism.

Freedom is my culture.



  1. She is very courageous but I fear for her life! Her enemies fear her and set to silence her by villifying her first and then justify her killing!
    She is disturbing the “Establishment ” that has been controlling the population for many centuries..Are they going to allow a mere woman to detrone them? I don’t think so and the terrified population goes along with the “Establishment” It will take many decades to change if at all..
    The sexual Power of women is so strong that it is scaring the hell out of men who do not want change and are being aided by their very paternalistic and misogynist State Religion which is another name for DICTATORSHIP! The sad thing is that those people are kept in total ignorance and terror!

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