Listen to my discussion with Nihal on today’s BBC Asian Network as well as with callers on the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, Islam and political Islam by clicking here. I am on during the last half hour of the programme.


  1. The Text has been removed at the request of the author.

  2. The Totalitarian Abyss of CommunismMariam, this was a very pathetic attempt by you to warn the world of the evils of Islam…what about Communism? Take Cambodias killing fields for example,the mass murder of nearly one-fourth of the country’s population was a human catastrophe rarely paralleled in human history.Tibet, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, South America, Vietnam, Russia, Afghanistan,Eastern Europe.Starting from Nepal and extending southwards to Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, where they are challenging the rule of the Indian State with their murderous campaign. Their ultimate aim is to overthrow the democratic system in India and replace it with communist dictatorship, of the kind that prevailed in erstwhile Soviet Union (under Stalin), China (under Mao Zedong), Cambodia (under Pol Pot) and in other former communist-ruled countries. It must be noted here that in each of these three countries, communist extremism was responsible for some of the worst genocides in the history of mankind. Experts have estimated that together communist mass killings in these three countries account for nearly half of all deaths by atrocity in the 20th century.PLEASE READ THE AMNESTY REPORT OF THE CHINESE GENOCIDE OF ITS MUSLIM MINORITIES…This post is subject to removal because Mariam Namazys Communist ideology requires a total surrender of personal freedom and privacy, I.D. cards in the UK is a good start! AND, PLEASE REMEMBER…June 12 WAS an historic day — a day of remembrance of the more than 100 million victims who died under communism’s cruel yoke, and a day of resolution that never again will peoples and nations allow so evil a tyranny to terrorize the world. Like ISLAMIC EXTREMISM, Namazy is yet another monster, bent on world domination, with the ultimate goal of total elimination of individual freedom. Yes, this includes you, even if you think that since you call yourself a communist, you would have ended up at the top. (SECULARIST OF THE YEAR!!??)

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