Following the so-called 2013 Islamic regime’s presidential election and announcing Hassan Rowhani as the president, there was a demand, which was imposed on him by people, that stood up against all others: the release of all political prisoners.

Rowhani announced that he will release political prisoners and will give freedom to the press. During the last 34 years, regime and its leaders, including Rowhani, have been telling the world that Iran has no political prisoners!! Now, under the pressure from people in Iran, the regime and its presidential candidate have been forced to mention this in their election campaigns. This is the first time that the Islamic regime has admitted there are political prisoners in Iran.

20june2013koodakanThe 2013 sham election was neither free nor fair by any international standards. The promise by Rowhani is a perfect example of people’s power in Iran. Prior to the “election”, Khamenei begged people, even those who are against the regime, to vote. This showed how weak and desperate the regime is.

Rowhani is part of the establishment and will not release political prisoners and will not allow any freedom for people or the press. The freedom of all political prisoners is tied to the struggle of people in Iran as well as the work of international campaigns such as CFFPI.

On 20 June 2013, the International Day in Support of Political Prisoners in Iran, we call on all concerned individuals and organisations to join CFPPI and show their support and solidarity with political prisoners in Iran.

You can show your support by joining our events which is organised in different cities across the world. You can also support by posting solidarity massage on our/your Facebook page, our/your Twitter or by sending an email to your country’s government officials. You can also speak about the situation of political prisoners in Iran on your media. CFPPI is adamant to keep pressurising the regime in Iran until all political prisoners are freed. Help us to achieve this goal!

Shiva Mahbobi
Spokesperson- Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI)
+44(0) 7572356661

Relevant links:
List of participating cites: London-UK and other cities
London- Date & time: 20 June 2013 – Trafalgar Square
Place: Trafalgar Square
Contact: Shiva mahbobi 07572356661, Alireza Rashidi 07712810675

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